I’m getting sick of this.

I’ve HAD IT. The Packers Sucked. Get over it.

It’s getting out of control and I had to sit down to write about it. I watched. I was upset. But good lordy… 


Yes – The Green Bay Packers looked TERRIBLE against the Saints in week one. There is NO denying it. Aaron Rodgers was bad. The offensive line looked bad. The game plan sucked. There was no answer for Jameis Winston. But it was in fact just one game and it was the FIRST game. It was basically the fourth preseason game and the first actual game for Rodgers & a slew of other players together. Do people not realize that a football season is LONG and it’s a GRIND? 

Aaron Rodgers scrambles against the Saints
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Media Insanity

I don’t like to criticize my media brethren but the insanity is getting out of control. From people questioning Rodgers’ heart, to the idea that #12 is doing this on purpose, or that he doesn’t want to be a Packer.…  it’s making me want to get out of the sports media industry altogether and sign off twitter. (I’m not doing this but you get the point). You can’t deny the struggles of Aaron Rodgers & the rest of the offense but it’s pure clickbait and stupid for anyone to say things as dumb as former Packers Tight End Jermichael Finely or this PTI insanity:

Give The New Defense TIME

And another thing – chill out on the defense (for now). Joe Barry’s hiring wasn’t exactly well-received by Packers fans considering his history in Detroit and Washington but I’m not ready to crap all over this new look defense. I’m giving them half a season and while that may seem like too long to some people, hear me out. When I was in Kansas City, I watched as the Chiefs fired longtime Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton. #FireSutton was a trending topic just like #FireDom or #FirePettine has been trending in the past in Wisconsin (and I assume #FireBarry will also trend). Andy Reid replaced Sutton with Steve Spagnola and for the 1st 6 weeks, KC’s defense was statistically worse under Spags than it was under Sutton. A funny thing happened around the middle of October: The defense got better. Granted, they also added DL Frank Clark and S Tyrann Mathieu in the off season but even with the new additions, the defense was horrible for the 1st half of the year. Any clue what happened that year? The Chiefs won the Superbowl. Will the Packers defense turn into a Superbowl defense? No clue. But lets’ wait and see.

Lotta Football Left

I have always said that teams aren’t usually who they are until week 3 or week 4 and I truly believe the Packers offense will NOT look like this by the time we get to October and hopefully, the defense looks better by Halloween.  Rodgers was right. It was just one game. Davante Adams is right:

It’s Lions Week.

Get back to the drawing board on Monday Night Football. Run the ball with Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon. Come out fired up. Show the intensity that Packers fans demand. Give the Lambeau Field crowd the show they deserve. Get FAT on the Detroit Lions.

And do it all on national TV to shut people up.

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