Wisconsin Sports Heroics is a unique sports website that is dedicated to bringing you the latest and most relevant news about the Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin college sports, and Marquette athletics. Whereas other sites focus on sports from all over the country, WSH focuses on the sports and the teams that mean the most to you. What is more, our writers are not people hired to make a paycheck. Rather, our staff is made up of your fellow fans who share your passion for all things Wisconsin sports.

Our team of writers are not only local to Wisconsin, but are located in various states and countries around the world. We, as a team, are bonded by our love for Wisconsin sports and enjoy sharing that passion with you, our fellow fans.

Wisconsin Sports Heroics has the distinction of being one of the only sites that is dedicated to all Wisconsin sports, not just a singular team. As such, we have an extensive team of writers who will provide you with the biggest news stories as soon as they come to light. We also provide gameday coverage for all major professional and major collegiate sporting events in Wisconsin. In the past year, over 3 million people have made Wisconsin Sports Heroics their home for coverage of their favorite teams.

In 2021, Wisconsin Sports Heroics was one of the few sports websites that covered the Milwaukee Milkmen, an independent baseball team that has seen several of its players reach the Majors. Additionally, we have partnered with Mayfield Sports Heroics to bring fans the 11th annual Holidays with the Pack, a signing event in which fans were able to meet, greet, and get autographs from several distinguished Packers’ alumni including Ahman Green, Antonio Freeman, and Gilbert Brown.

The story of the origins of Wisconsin Sports Heroics began with the creation of Overtime Heroics in 2017. Overtime Heroics is a website that covers all sports throughout the country. Around the same time, the Facebook page Wisconsin Sports 24/7 was created to specifically share content that related to Wisconsin sports.

In 2019, Overtime Heroics-Wisconsin was created as an offshoot of Overtime Heroics to give more attention to Wisconsin sports. Later that year, both Overtime Heroics-Wisconsin and Wisconsin Sports 24/7 were rebranded to Wisconsin Sports Heroics.

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