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What Is a Packer?

The Green Bay Packers’ name derives from the team’s original sponsor, the Indian Packing Company. However, it was under Acme Packing Company when the Packers joined the APFA.

How Can the Packers Make the Playoffs?

The number of wins the Packers need to make the playoffs can vary. However, the average wins for NFC playoffs teams were 11 in 2022. The minimum was 8. So they should make it if they win 10 games.

Where Is the Green Bay Packers Stadium?

The Green Bay Packers stadium is Lambeau Field. The stadium’s south side backs up to an ordinary neighborhood. The north end faces Lombardi Ave., but another quant neighborhood is just across from it.

What Radio Station Are the Packers On?

The Packers Radio flagship station is WRNW/97.3 The Game in Milwaukee. However, 35 Packers Radio station affiliates carry the game in-state, and 9 carry it out-of-state.