Green Bay Packers – Fantasy Football Recap: Week 6

“I still own you!” is the Aaron Rodgers quote that not only took the Packer faithful by storm, but the entire NFL caught on. Aaron Rodgers has been nearly perfect against the Bears in his career, and more of the same happened in this game. While the Bears scored early, the Packers mostly dominated from the 2nd quarter until the final whistle. A few notable performances in terms of fantasy points, so let’s get right to them!

NOTE: The scoring is based off of PPR through NFL Fantasy. Please keep that in mind as the numbers may be slightly different from a Fantasy league you may be in!

Aaron Rodgers: 23.70 Points

Aaron Rodgers showed his wheels! Early in the game, Aaron had a huge 16 yard run for a first down. A bit later in the quarter, Rodgers completed a QB sneak on 4th and 1 to keep a drive going. 19 rushing yards with a rushing TD isn’t too bad from the ageless wonder, watch out Lamar! No interceptions in the air, just a beautiful 195 yards and 2 touchdowns. Nothing too special, but in terms of fantasy points, those touchdowns really saved Rodgers’s score. It was one great game of football for the Packers offensively once they got going, as you’ll see with their running backs!

Aaron Jones: 21.00 Points

An even 21 points for the RB1 of the Packers, thanks in part due to his pass catching abilities. Yes, the Packers did run the ball quite frequently in this game, but Aaron Jones’s lone touchdown came from a reception. Another very balanced game for Jones, seeing 4 receptions with 34 yards and the aforementioned touchdown. As for the rushing yards, Aaron Jones had a few big carries and ended up with 76 yards on the ground. Not the most flattering numbers, but Jones’s fantasy managers can’t complain!

AJ Dillon: 5.90 Points

We were nearing the point where I was going to say you can comfortably start quadzilla, but I’d wait it out a bit yet. He was basically non-existent in the first few weeks, but now Dillon is getting more and more carries. Dillon showed promise once again in this matchup against the Bears, but his fantasy performance was lacking as he didn’t have a single reception. Just 59 rushing yards, which isn’t bad at all for the RB2. I’d still be hesitant to start Dillon at a flex spot, but with all of the bye weeks coming up, he’s not the worst guy you could roster.

Davante Adams: 12.90 Points

Dare I say this is a disappointing fantasy number from Davante? He was kept rather quiet in the contest, which is a credit to the Bears’ defense. How dare I compliment the Bears. We know Rodgers threw for just under 200 yards, and Adams racked up 89, so he still dominated the yardage. Only 4 receptions is a huge change from his performance last week in Cincinnati, however this is a totally acceptable fantasy start. We expect more from Adams, but that’s just us being spoiled Packer fans.


Allen Lazard: 11.70 Points

How dare Allen Lazard nearly score as many fantasy points as Davante Adams? I guarantee there weren’t many people out there starting Lazard, and I believe this may be the first time he cracked my fantasy football report. Lazard caught a touchdown, which almost guarantees you a spot in the report. Only 27 total receiving yards on 3 receptions, but the 6 fantasy points for a touchdown put him over the edge. Really no big numbers from any Packer receivers this week, but no Packer fans will be complaining about another win.

Robert Tonyan: 3.00 Points

Tonyan seemed poised for a big game early on, but one catch didn’t change the narrative. Tonyan has still been struggling to get a big number, and he certainly wasn’t going to do that when the Packers went with a run heavy offense. Lewis isn’t a reliable TE1 option to start, but he once again outscored Tonyan with 3.70 fantasy points. Both are very close and at this point might be interchangeable.

Packers Defense: 7.00 Points

Only allowing 14 points is a great sign, but that should be expected against a rookie quarterback like Justin Fields. Packer fans will likely argue that they got screwed out of not only a touchdown, but an interception as well. The second interception was very close, but the Packers still picked off Fields on one occasion. Add in two huge sacks by Clark in the final few minutes, and you get a 7 point effort from the Packers. Totally acceptable, but could’ve been more.

Mason Crosby: 6.00 Points

The entire National Football League talked about Mason Crosby’s performance last week, but thankfully he delivered in Chicago. No need to discuss Crosby’s performance in great detail, as he did everything he was asked! One extra point was very close to being missed, but no need to go crazy over that. Crosby had three extra points and a middle of the road field goal, resulting in a flawless six fantasy points.

Packers Only Fantasy Team: 93.60 Points

If you rocked the squad of Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, Davante Adams, Allen Lazard, Amari Rodgers (flex), Robert Tonyan, Packers Defense, and Mason Crosby, you’d have just shy of 100. I doubt anyone would start both Allen Lazard and Amari Rodgers, but you never know! Randall Cobb would’ve likely been a flex start in some lineups, and he sadly ended with a donut.

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