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Rodgers Explains Hilarious Backstory Behind “I Still Own You” Remarks

It was a moment that first had Packers fans wondering, “Wait, did I hear that right?!” Then, we all laughed maniacally when we realized yes, indeed, we did hear Rodgers scream, “I still own you!’

Chicago had just scored and cut Green Bay’s lead to three. Momentum had shifted in the direction of the Bears, and Soldier Field was hyped. The Packers needed to get some points on the board to clinch the game.

Enter Aaron Rodgers. #12 did what he does best, putting the team on his back and seamlessly driving his guys downfield. The icing on the cake was a Rodgers touchdown run to help secure the win against the Bears.

What happened next was priceless.

“I Still Own You!”

To the thrill of cheeseheads, Rodgers broke out his infamous “discount double check” championship belt after his TD. But even that wasn’t the highlight of his celebration.

Surrounded by his congratulatory teammates, Rodgers let loose on the packed home crowd. He could be heard yelling, “I’ve owned you all my f*cking life! I’ve owned you! I still own you! I still own you!”

While Packers faithful were delighted by this hilarity, many were a bit surprised by it, too. After all, Aaron Rodgers is generally a modest guy, not an outspoken trash-talker. So, what happened?

What Brought This On?

Naturally, it didn’t take long for reporters to ask Rodgers about his viral “I still own you!” remarks. In the post-game press conference, one inquired, “What prompted that after your touchdown?”

Smiling, Rodgers said, “Sometimes you black out on the field in a good way. I definitely blacked out from a concussion, which isn’t a good way.”

He went on to explain what it was that triggered his comments. “I looked up in the stands and in the front row, all I saw was a woman giving me the double bird.” With a sheepish grin on his face, Rodgers shook his head and added, “So I’m not sure exactly what came out of my mouth next.”

Rodgers is now 21-5 against the Bears throughout his career. After today’s loss, Chicago boasts an abysmal 3-23 record versus Green Bay since 2011.

Based on those statistics, it’s safe to say that Rodgers telling the Bears franchise, “I still own you!” isn’t really an exaggeration.


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