Brewers Rumored To Be “Checking In” On A Pair Of Power Bats

The trade deadline is this coming Friday at 3PM CT and rumors are heating up.  The latest has indicated that the Milwaukee Brewers had been “checking in” on a pair of power bats.  Those names: Josh Donaldson and Trevor Story.

This is not the first time the Brewers have expressed interest in Story or Donaldson.  While neither is a first basemen, a clear position that they need to upgrade in, it is possible either one of these players could play out of their normal position.

The other option to consider, should the Brewers pull the trigger on either of these deals, is that they would upgrade at third base.  Despite Luis Urias performing well, Robert Murray indicated in his latest column that the Brewers are looking to improve wherever they can, third base included.

 Regardless of position, the offense would get upgraded immensely.  The Brewers pitching staff has carried this team the majority of the season, so acquiring extra offensive help makes sense.  

Donaldson currently carries a .253 batting average, .843 OPS, 16 home runs, and 44 RBI’s.  With the Twins in clear sell mode and having already traded away star Nelson Cruz, the biggest questions with Donaldson is the cost of acquiring him and price going forward.  He is under contract until 2023 and will be owed $60MM.

Story’s number are similar to Donaldson’s despite having a down year.  The 28 year old typically hits in the mid .270s with an OPS near .900.  This year he is batting .243 and has a .733 OPS.  He has contributed 12 home runs and 44 RBIs.  With this being a contract year for Story and the Rockies out of contention, it is likely that he gets moved this year.

Of course there are plenty of other options for the Brewers to consider.  Old friend Jesus Aguilar, Trey Mancini, C.J. Cron and other power bats are all there for the taking.  If the Brewers want to prove that they are “all in” on this season they will need to add some more offense.

Needless to say it is a very fun and somewhat stressful time of the year for baseball fans.  All we can do right now is sit back and wait to see who the Brewer do indeed acquire.

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