MLB Power Rankings: Here Come The Brewers; A New Number One

This weeks power rankings features another significant change in the top five. It all starts with the Milwaukee Brewers dismantling the Cub’s franchise and staying red hot against the Pirates. The White Sox handled their business against the Twins, but were less than stellar against the Tigers only winning one game in their three game series against them. That allowed the Brewers into the top five this week and dropping the White Sox out of the top five.

Another change in the top five is that there is a new number one team this week. The Dodgers took over the top spot over the Giants for one reason and one reason only. They were able to take care of business against their division rival Giants earlier last week to propel their nine game win streak.

Let’s take a closer look at this weeks top five.

Top Five

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (Prev. 3)


2. San Francisco Giants (Prev. 1)


3. Boston Red Sox (Prev. 5)


4. Milwaukee Brewers (Prev. 9)


5. Houston Astros (Prev. 2)


Spots 6-10

6. San Diego Padres (6)

7. Chicago White Sox (4)

8. Tampa Bay Rays (7)

9. Oakland Athletics (8)

10. Toronto Blue Jays (18)


The Rest of The Top 20

11. Seattle Mariners (14)

12. New York Mets (11)

13. Cincinnati Reds (16)

14. Los Angeles Angels (15)

15. Cleveland Indians (12)

16. Chicago Cubs (10)

17. New York Yankees (13)

18. Atlanta Braves (NR)

19. Washington Nationals (19)

20. St. Louis Cardinals (17)

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