The MLB Power Rankings You Have Been Waiting For

If you are like me, then you are probably sick and tired of the weekly bias in the power rankings by ESPN, MLB, FOX, and others. For some reason, they continue to cater to the “popular”, big-market teams in baseball, and find any little reason they can to keep the non-“popular teams” down in their rankings.

My goal is to put an end to that and put teams where they belong with as little bias as possible.

Week-by-week power rankings should be based mainly on a team’s performance in the last 7-15 days, not off what the team did months ago. The way that I plan on ranking teams will be based on teams’ most recent performances, their record/stats in a 7-15 day stretch, and the strength of the teams that they have faced. Overall record will have an impact, but will have the least amount of impact.

Without further ado, here is Wisconsin Sports Heroics’ very first power rankings.

1. Tampa Bay Rays

Randy Arozarena’s solo home run, June 14, 2021

Since May 13, the Rays have won 23 of 28 games while outscoring opponents by 86 runs during that stretch.

Impressive, especially since the Rays are a fellow small market team.

A big reason for their stellar play is by far their bullpen. They lead the AL in ERA at 3.08, and in their last 17 games, the Rays bullpen has a stellar ERA of 1.59. Also, in their last 15 games, they are 11-4. Their offense hasn’t been lighting up the competition lately, but they are getting wins with outstanding pitching. 

2. Chicago White Sox

3. San Francisco Giants

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

5. Milwaukee Brewers

The Rest of The Top 20

6. Chicago Cubs

7. Boston Red Sox

8. San Diego Padres

9. Oakland Athletics

10. Houston Astros

11. Cleveland Indians

12. New York Mets

13. Toronto Blue Jays

14. St. Louis Cardinals

15. Philadelphia Phillies

16. Atlanta Braves

17. New York Yankees

18. Los Angeles Angels

19. Cincinnati Reds

20. Miami Marlins

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