Brewers Finally Getting Team Billboard in Chicago

After winning a contest on social media earlier this year, the Milwaukee Brewers will be getting their very own billboard. It will finally be displayed in Chicago Cubs land, one of their NL Central rivals.

Billboard Origins

Just before Opening Day, the Brewers won a five round voting contest of all Major League Baseball teams on Twitter who had the best fanbase. The winner would get to have a billboard put up in the city of their best-known rival.

Milwaukee actually made the top four last year, but did not win.

In the quarterfinal round, the Brewers beat the Atlanta Braves, who had won the year before. After that, they barely beat out the Chicago White Sox. The finals came down to the Brewers and the Tampa Bay Rays.

After 50,000 votes, the Brewers won 53.1% to 46.9% and were claimed the winners.

After that, it was up to the fans to pick where the billboard would go. Not surprisingly, the Cubs were overwhelmingly picked.

The Waiting Game

As the season started, fans started to become restless. There was no news since right before Opening Day. As the months passed and when the All-Star Game was approaching, fans started getting pretty restless.

If you have the time and want to go back to the Fox Sports: MLB Twitter account, almost every post the last few months includes Brewers fans asking about their billboard. And while they never originally responded to anyone, they finally released that it would be up on August 9th.

The Brewers play the Cubs starting that Monday in Wrigley for a four-game series.

Only One Problem

The tweet claims that the billboard will be on the corner of LaSalle & Grand. When doing a quick Google search, it appears to be off the highway and could be seen by cars. The only problem? It’s an entire six miles and 20 minute drive away from Wrigley Field. And, it would be south of Wrigley Field. That means Brewers fans driving from Milwaukee down to the game won’t even get to see their own billboard.

So unless there is another location with the same name, fans mostly won’t get to drive by and see it and take a picture or see it when visiting Wrigley. This doesn’t seem ideal. It also begs the question, would a bigger market team have been treated this way?

It’s still great the Brewers won and are getting this. But it couldn’t have possibly been placed in a worse spot. Ok, maybe outside the White Sox stadium would have been worse.


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