With The Uncertainty Of Aaron Rodgers Future, Is It In Gute We Trust?

In gute we trust?

     Brian Gutekunst is the General Manager of the Green Bay Packers. We’re left at his mercy, but with the uncertainty of Aaron Rodgers future is it really “In Gute We Trust?” It’s better to have the future quarterback of your team already on the roster. Just ask the Chicago Bears. As an out-of-state Packers fan that proudly wears at least one article of Packers merch out in everyday life; people think I’m some kind of answer machine about what the Packers, and specifically Aaron Rodgers are up to. I received so many questions and comments about the shock of the Packers drafting the supposed heir to Aaron Rodgers last year, that I had plenty of time to think of a decent response.

     I remember the day that Brett Favre announced his retirement. Vividly remember where I was, and remember crying because the QB I grew up watching, was retiring. The man that made me love the Packers was finally stepping down.

Would This Be The Year?

For years there was talk about Brett retiring. Ed Werder of ESPN would camp outside his house and await his decision. Was the Gunslinger coming back for another year? While the Packers organization likely awaited a decision just as much as the audience watching on ESPN, the Packers knew the end was near. On April 23rd, 2005 Aaron Charles Rodgers fell to the 24th overall pick in the first round of the NFL draft and the Packers hoped to have found the heir apparent.

     Now you see the thing about this was that we all knew that Brett Favre was getting older and at the time it was almost unheard of for a QB to play into their late 30’s. Even for Brett Favre who still holds the record for most consecutive starts. Your body wears down and getting hit by younger and bigger NFL caliber talent takes a toll on your body. So as we awaited the decision, Aaron Rodgers seemingly unknown to the Packer faithful waited for his turn.

     This was 2005 and Brett was only 35 years old when new GM Ted Thompson took Rodgers as his first pick as General Manager. Now we can delve into my point and the reason for this whole article. 2005 was only 16 years ago, but even in 16 years, the NFL has changed quite drastically. Passing records are being set and reset almost yearly. A QB at 35 years old that in previous years looked ready to retire looks, more like a QB fresh out of college, and ripe in their 20’s

At 42 Years Old Tom Brady Signed A Brand New Contract, News Flash, It Worked Great

     In the 2020 season we had Tom Brady, at 42 years old, leave the organization he put in the record books and sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He brought a Super Bowl to Tampa and ended their 19-year drought. A 42 year old QB signing a new deal when in years prior a QB would have been relaxing in their beach condo for the past 5 years post-retirement awaiting their enshrinement in Canton. Drew Brees announced his retirement just a few short weeks ago at the age of 42.

     In the 2020 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers moved up to select Jordan Love. Jordan Love? A QB? Was there something we didn’t know? Aaron had signed what was the largest contract in NFL history. Entering this season he still had 3 years left on his contract. But unlike the legendary Brett Favre that he replaced there wasn’t any talk about Aaron walking away. It seemed that much like Brady and Brees, Rodgers could play another 10 years. So what was Brian Gutekunst thinking? Did the Packers see something in Jordan Love that they just couldn’t pass up? They did in fact move up to pick him. Even Rodgers himself was shocked.

If You’re Not Ahead, You’re Behind

     I opened up this article by stating that it’s better to have your replacement ready. You must be prepared for the future. Is the future without Aaron Rodgers closer than we think? Maybe your hope is that your free agent QB suddenly reinvents himself. Maybe your hope is the guy you just drafted who is thrusted into a starting position as a rookie will turn around your franchise. We’ve had no choice but to embrace Jordan Love and hope that if the Packers turn to him, that he will succeed just as Brett did. Just as Aaron did. Just as the late, great Bart Starr did.

     Aaron had arguably one of his best years as a starter in the 2020 season and won his 3rd MVP. The man shows no sign of stopping. He is adored in Green Bay and he’s given so many of us, so much happiness. I’ll be the first to admit that Aaron can be a diva. It’s pretty well documented that he was a part of the reason why Mike McCarthy was succeeded by Matt LaFleur as the coach of the Packers. In 2 years, and in large part due to the absolute show that we get to watch, Aaron still makes throws that amaze someone who’s been watching for 50 years. There was so much talk about if he and LaFleur could get along and so far in 2 years they’ve hushed the critics. But alas they always find something to talk about. The media loves Aaron Rodgers.

He’s Having So Much Fun Out There

     So we await to see what the Packers do with Aaron Rodgers, who at 37 still looks like he can play and play and play for many more years. If Tampa Tom can do it, you better believe Rodgers can as well. Is there inner turmoil in the organization between Rodgers and the front office? We obviously don’t know everything. Will 2021 be the last year we get to see Rodgers in a Packers uniform? Will Jordan Love be the next great QB of the Packers? There are a lot of unknowns but I know I stand by the majority of Packers fans and hope that there are many more years of Number 12 in Green Bay. Even if he becomes the host of Jeopardy we welcome Aaron with open arms.

Aaron RodgersOnly time will tell how the Jordan Love pick will end up. Right now we all know the 2020 MVP can still play and let’s hope that he is the Packers QB till his arm falls off and he can’t throw a football anymore. 37-year-old Rodgers may as well be 27 years old Rodgers. But what it all comes down to is…In Gute We Trust?

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Will 2021 Be Aaron Rodgers last season as a Packer?



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