Rodgers Leaving Green Bay? Fantasy Impact Report.

How does Rodger's potential exit change Green Bay's skill players

Remember this face fondly. It may be gone forever.

“Rodgers hates Green Bay, suddenly! Wants out now!”

Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Wants Security from Packers’ Front Office

We all heard the news yesterday. Aaron Rodgers, King of the North, is disgruntled and wants out of the frozen tundra. While I still firmly believe we have not seen the last of Rodgers in the Green and Gold, we have to consider the painful truth. Rodgers may be done as a Packer.


This raises the question: How does this change the fantasy outlook of every player who does currently wear the G with pride? Does their stock go up, or down? Let’s take a look at the major players and try not to have panic attacks along the way.

Davante Adams: Down (slightly).

Davante Adams is on a contract year. Part of the issue with Rodger’s contract is that management needs to sign Adams to a big-time contract. With Rodgers, Adams is a top-2 talent (and not 2), but without the reigning MVP slinging him miracle balls, I’m not sure if Adams has the same effect.

However, as I mentioned before, it is a contract year for Adams. He is going to fight tooth and nail to have a phenomenal year. If Love is throwing him the ball, it will be a greater challenge for him. However, it should give you pause if thinking about drafting him in the first round.

Aaron Jones: Down

Aaron Jones is a great talent at RB. One of the top ten guys in the league at the position. However, I am not sure if he would be at that level if it weren’t for Rodgers drawing MVP-levels of attention away from him.

Fresh off a new contract, Jones is a guy you could comfortably draft in the second round, no questions asked. Without Rodgers (or a transcendent Love), I don’t know if he has the individual ability to take over games. Still worth snagging in the 3rd or 4th, but any higher is at your own risk.

Devin Funchess/Allan Lazard/Marquez Valdes-Scantling: Down

If Davante Adams is down, so are the rest of the wideouts. Rodgers boosts nearly every wide receiver he throws the ball to. Players cut from horrible teams have pro-bowl caliber games with Rodgers in the backfield.

While all of them are capable guys who could have break out games with anyone at QB, a land without Rodgers is not an agreeable land for any of them. Late round flyers against weak opponents only.

“Large Robert” Tonyan: Down (Maybe…)

Are you feeling a trend yet? Large Robert’s transcendent and unexpected rise from a potential cut to a Pro-Bowl snub may be a complete waste. Rodger’s ability to find the big man in the red zone was hugely instrumental to the team’s scoring success.

However, a young QB’s best friend is a competent tight end. Love could utilize the big man early and often. I don’t think this will guarantee an improved season, but it might be one of the more stable ones from a fantasy standpoint.

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