PFF: Packers Enter 2021 With 4 Players In The Top 15 Overall

Pro Football Focus just announced their top 50 players entering the 2021-22 season. To the surprise of nobody in Green Bay the Packers have 4 players in the top 15 overall. All four are at the top of their class in their respective positions. I’ll breakdown the four players and what they bring to the table in the upcoming season. But first our 4 Packers repping that elite list are: (5) Davante Adams, (10) Aaron 3x MVP Rodgers, (14) Jaire Alexander, and (15) David Bakhtiari.

Davante Adams

The number 5 player overall and number 1 Wide receiver according to Pro Football Focus. Davante was lights out last year, he excels in all facets of the game. Adams missed two games in 2020 and still put up 1374 yards on 115 catches. One of the most beautiful parts of what makes Davante so great is his release off the line of scrimmage. His moves are so good in fact, they made Chad Ochocinco cry tears of joy, who else can make that claim?

Last year Davante had only one drop as he caught nearly 80 percent of passes his way. The rest of the throws were off target or deflected. It’s no wonder Aaron trusts him so much. Last season he was downright special. He finally was getting the credit he deserved as a top WR in the league. During the season he joined an elite group of players as he was awarded with the coveted “99” in Madden.


You can look for more excellence out of number 17 this upcoming season. Davante is due for a new contract and he will likely set the new record for Wide Receivers in the NFL. Davante has certainly earned his new contract as we look forward to number 17 in Green and Gold for a long time to come.

Aaron 3x MVP Rodgers

A little bit of slight from Pro Football Focus as we have Tom Brady ranked higher than the reigning MVP for the upcoming season. Aaron Rodgers had arguably the best season of his career last year. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re aware of the turmoil surrounding Rodgers and the Packers. It’s hard to put into words what Aaron means to the organization but year after year he shows us how damn good he is.

Last year Aaron threw for 48 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. He only helped his incredible touchdown to interception record, that may never be beat. Rodgers had the best passing grade last year according to Pro Football Focus at 94.3. But still there is the slight that were so used to seeing. Aaron sits at number 10 behind Mahomes at 2, and Tampa Tom at number 7.

It is to be seen whether Aaron will continue to wear number 12 in Green Bay. There is no denying that even as he gets up into his late 30’s Aaron Rodgers looks like a spry 25, and in the peak of his career. Let us not forget how much he has done for this organization. You’re lying if you say you don’t want Rodgers at QB next year.

Aaron Rodgers

Jaire Alexander

At number 14 on Pro Football Talks list is the best corner in the league. You can’t make the case for Jalen Ramsey after Davante made him look like a fool in the playoff game last season. It may be no surprise to some if they’ve been watching Jaire over the past few years. He has just gotten better and better, and now people are starting to take notice.

Jaire gave up an average of a 54.3 passer rating last year, and only once during a game did he give up more than 4 catches. During that game it was Mitch Trubisky who threw the ball 50 times, credit still to Jaire who only gave up 5 catches for 47 yards. If 5 catches against you for 47 yards is your worst game, then you have a bright future. Jaire has faced a gauntlet of Wide Receivers in his short career in the NFL, but he’s shone bright, and he’s finally getting the credit he deserves.

Like Davante, Jaire is due for a contract extension. The young man has a bright future in the NFL and he could be an important piece for a long time to come. He will also likely set the new standard for contracts of corners, but much like Adams, Alexander has done all he’s needed to do, to earn his extension. The Packers went out and selected Eric Stokes with their first round pick this past April. If we can keep Jaire and Stokes can hold his own opposite Jaire, opposing QBs beware.

David Bakhtiari

Finally to round out the top 15 is David Bakhtiari. Pro Football Focus has him as the number 3 offensive lineman on the list. I’ve long said that offensive line may be the most important position in the NFL behind quarterback. David has been playing at a high level for some time and last season earned his new mega contract. He’s developed a great relationship with Aaron and rightfully so when you’re blocking his blindside.

David tore his ACL last year and when he will be available this upcoming season is up in the air. In the 12 games he played last year he gave up a total of only 9 pressures. He is a huge reason why Aaron has the time he does. Aaron has long been a QB to hold on to the ball longer than most. In doing so he makes plays out of nothing, but that doesn’t happen without a great offensive line.

During limited work in OTA’s David worked to the side of practice getting his knee ready for the season whenever he is able to join. While ACL injuries are a major injury in recent years many players have been able to come back and be the same if not better. Jordy Nelson won Comeback POTY after sustaining an ACL injury. The hope is David is back sooner than later. I’m gonna say it, but I think that Tampa game is different if 69 was playing at left tackle. We need our Beer Chug Champ back.

Go Pack Go!


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