Packers’ Players Respond To Last Dance Posts

Last night, if you weren’t paying attention, Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams shared the same photo on Instagram. A photo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin from their “Last Dance” series about the end of the Chicago Bulls Dynasty. Today we added more fuel to the sudden Chicago sports fandom coming out of Green Bay. A couple of Packers players have now responded to the “Last Dance Posts” with Bulls posts of their own.

We’ve been on a wild ride as Packers fans this offseason. News broke in April about Aaron Rodgers and ever since it has been the most emotional roller coaster nobody asked for. With training camp starting Monday, anyone and everyone is wondering if Aaron will show up.

Why “Last Dance”

It was reported this week that the long term talks with Davante Adams had broken down. The reports are that the Packers don’t want to make Adams the highest paid receiver in the league. After this season Adams is a free agent. Adams is of high priority and losing him and Rodgers could be disastrous for the Packers. With the long drawn out Aaron Rodgers saga and the new news of Davante, this sparked the “Last Dance” photo on their Instagrams, almost simultaneously. My colleague, Robin, broke down what the “Last Dance” photos could possibly mean in detail. You can read his article here.

Jordan Love

Jordan Love, the supposed heir to the throne should Aaron Rodgers leave the Packers, got into the mix with a (now deleted) “Last Dance” Instagram photo of his own. It is hard to find someone that is in a more uncomfortable situation than Jordan Love. Jordan wants to compete, but he’s been fodder for his drafting being part of the reason that Rodgers is unhappy. Rodgers has since said that claim is false, but that does not stop passionate fans looking for a scapegoat. Whatever his photo of Tony Kucoc meant, it is probably just him trying to find a reason to laugh at an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Tony Kucoc

Robert Tonyan

Big Bob added also couldn’t resist becoming a Bulls fan with his “Last Dance” inspired Instagram story of a photo of Dennis Rodman. Much like Tonyan last year, Rodman was a big part of the Bulls winning ways. The big difference here is the Packers not getting past the Conference Championship, and the Bulls winning multiple titles. Once again, this is nothing more than a player having fun. Although I would argue there is not much in the way of comedy with the posts, as we have been dragged through the mud as Packers fans with enough cryptic tweets to fill the Louvre.


John Kuuuuuuhhhhhhnnnnn

John Kuhn, who now works for the Packers and has long been a fan favorite, did not have a photo to add, but he had a quick and, honestly, positive response to the Rodgers and Adams photos via a quote tweet on twitter.

Training Camp Starts Next Week

Whatever the case may be, next week is the start of training camp. We will certainly know more after this point. Is this really a “Last Dance” for Aaron Rodgers?  So many stories have come out since the news in April. It is time to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Hopefully if it is the “Last Dance,” Aaron can bring the Lombardi home one more time on his way out.


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