Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams Hint that 2021 Is Their “Last Dance”

“The Last Dance” is a highly popular documentary about the 1998 Chicago Bulls and their quest for the sixth and final title.  At the end of the season, Michael Jordan would retire, Phil Jackson was not re-signed, and the dynasty was broke up.  Late last night, both Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams had the following photo on their Instagram stories:

What Has Gone Wrong?

The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers, it seems, have been at odds for quite a while.  Everything came to a head, though, this offseason.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter infamously reported on the first night of the NFL Draft that Rodgers was so discontent, he wanted out of Green Bay.


Since then, there have been rumors of trades, rumors of an extension, and even rumors that Rodgers would retire.  As Rodgers himself has stated, his issues with the organization come from philosophical differences between himself and the front office.  Similarly, “The Last Dance” spends a great deal of time focusing on Michael Jordan’s issues with general manager Jerry Krause.

All through this offseason, Davante Adams has stood in solidarity with Rodgers through his posts on social media.  Like Rodgers’ comments, they are cryptic, but could speak volumes.

Additionally, Adams has been Tweeting things that hint he, too, may be done in Green Bay after this season:

Keenan Allen plays for the Los Angeles Chargers.  Davante Adams is from California.  Yesterday, after the news broke that Adams and the Packers had broken off contract negotiations, Allen tweeted the following:

From the looks of things, it does not appear that either will be back in 2022.  This upcoming season could very well be their last dance with the Packers.

For Packers’ fans, this would be very bitter-sweet.  After all, losing Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams in the same offseason would be far less than ideal.  On the other hand, Michael Jordan and the Bulls won a championship in their final season.  Could Rodgers and Adams do the same?


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