Bucks Mid-Season Grades: Thanasis Antetokounmpo

The “bigger” brother to back to back MVP Giannis, Thanasis has slowly carved out a role on this Bucks team. Since being brought in to Milwaukee, Thanasis has simply been a deep bench player, who happens to be Giannis’ brother.

Well not anymore.

Thanasis since the Bucks five game losing streak in mid-February has found himself playing more. Although not an offensive weapon like Giannis, Thanasis helps the Bucks with his energy, something the team lacks at times. but how does it effect his grade?

Let’s take a look.

The Good

Thanasis effort and relentless motor created a spark for this Bucks team during the losing streak the Bucks faced. But, since then brother to brother dunks are happening more due to the expanded playing time. Playing a career high in minutes Bucks fans can clearly notice the increased energy level when he’s in the game.

The Bad

Unfortunately, Thanasis is limited as a basketball player. He isn’t a a good scorer from anywhere on the floor, and isn’t going to give you enough to keep him on the court for to long at a time. His shooting percentages are actually worse then his brothers’ at the FT line as well, which as Bucks fans know might actually be tough to do.

Grade C

His grade is relative to what is expected from him. He is the 13-15 player on the team and is strictly used as as a spark plug guy and to keep Giannis happy. To be honest outside of garbage time we really didn’t expect much from Thanasis. However, every team needs a guy like him who you can put in to bring energy, do the little things, and bring excitement to his teammates. Thanasis  impact on this team may not get felt through points, rebounds, or assists. But, is extremely important for a team who has struggled to bring their own energy at times this year. I like Thanasis outlook to improve his grade as his role expands. But also because players likely will get rest days down the stretch allowing him so expanded playing time in games where we may not see Giannis, Lopez, or Middleton.

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