Brewers’ Team Power Rankings


Welcome Brewers fans to my first edition of the Brewers’ roster power rankings. If you follow the major sports in the US, then you have mostly seen power rankings posted every week of the teams within that sport. I wanted to try something new and do a power ranking of individual players within one specific team. And that is our beloved Brew Crew.

Since we are already almost 2 months into the Brewers’ season. My first power rankings will be based on what players have done up to this point in the season. From there, I will be posting my power rankings on a week by week basis. Without further ado, here is the 1st edition of Wisconsin Sports Heroics Brewers’ roster power rankings


 1. Corbin Burnes 

To me, this was the only option for the top spot. Up to this point in the season, Corbin Burnes has been nothing short of phenomenal. So far in his 7 starts in 2021, He has a record of 2-3, has posted an ERA of 1.79, has only given up 9 runs (8 earned), and only allowed 2 walks with 67 strikeouts. On May 13, against the Cardinals, Corbin Burnes recorded 58 strikeouts with 0 walks to start the 2021 season. He became the first pitcher in MLB history to start the season with 58 strikeouts and 0 walks to start the season. Kenley Jansen of the Dodgers previously held the record with 57 strikeouts. Oh, not to mention, Corbin also has a homerun on the season to go with his amazing pitching performance.

 2. Brandon Woodruff

Brandon Woodruff has been off to an amazing start in the 2021 season as well. Through his 9 starts, his 2-2 record would not reflect that. It is sad to see how little run support Woodruff gets. The guy cannot catch a break. He has definitely done his part by posting an MLB best ERA of 1.58, he also has 14 walks, 65 strikeouts, and an MLB leading WHIP of 0.74. The man just cannot get run support from this offense and it’s painful to watch to say the least. While Woodruff has been in games this season, He is only seeing 1.4 runs of support from his offense. Just tragic…


 3. Freddy Peralta

The Brewers top 3 starting pitchers get to go 1-2-3 in my first power rankings for one reason and one reason only. When was the last time we got this much production out of our top 3 starting pitchers?!? Of course, when we finally get elite starting pitching, our offense is nowhere to be found. Along with Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff. Fastball Freddy has been on a tear this season as well. He has a 4-1 record, with an ERA of 2.54, 76 strikeouts, and a WHIP of 0.95. Freddy Peralta has also been spoiled this season with run support. Whenever he starts, he is seeing 3.9 runs of support while he is in the game. He is still struggling with walks this season as he already has given up 23 on the season. But unlike years past, the walks aren’t coming back to haunt him. Yet. Hopefully he can get his walk numbers down before he starts to get unlucky. 

 4. Josh Hader

Josh Hader gets the nod for me at number 4. After struggling in 2020, Hader looks like his old self again posting a 3-0 record, with an ERA of 1.08, 30 strikeouts, and a WHIP of 0.84. Josh Hader is also perfect in saves with 10 on 10 save opportunities. What else can I say about the man that hasn’t already been said?

 5. Omar Narvaez

One bright spot and a pleasant surprise for the Brewers offense this season has been Omar Narvaez. Arguably, Narvaez has been the top contributor for the offense by posting an OPS of .885, an OBP of .411 and an AVG of .330. Although he only has 3 homeruns on the season, there are a lot more stats that mean way more when it comes down to it. His hot streak did come to an end when he was placed on the 10 day IL and has been trying to find the same success he had earlier in the year since then. But with the sudden emergence of Omar Narvaez, he gets the number 5 spot.


  1. Avisail Garcia
  2. Kolton Wong
  3. Lorenzo Cain
  4. Luis Urias
  5. Devin Williams


The Brewers so far this season have gotten amazing starting pitching and less than stellar offensive play. Hopefully with the return of Christian Yelich and the additions of Willy Adames and Trevor Richards, the crew can get the season turned around. If they can start putting runs on the board on a more consistent basis, and with this starting pitching staff. There is no reason they can’t make a deep postseason push.

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