Breaking Down Top 5 NBA Finals Players

The finals are under way and it’s been a lot of fun through 5 games. The home team in each of the first 4 games won before the Bucks went into enemy territory and took game 5. Both teams have had their moments to shine and moments to just forget. But these 5 players have been outstanding, and are the front runners for Finals MVP.

5. Pat Connaughton

Pat Connaughton is known as a solid role player off the bench. However, the Notre Dame alum is much more then that and has shown that this playoffs and most notably in the finals.

He is averaging 11 points game on 50% from the field and 51% from 3 including hitting a go ahead three late in game 4. Accompanied with his versatility defensively and over 5 rebounds a game Connaughton has been a huge spark off the bench.

4. DeAndre Ayton

The 2021 playoffs have been Ayton’s coming out party as one of the league rising big men. Ayton, who has enough touch from around 15 ft to be respectable, makes his living as a double-double machine getting rebounds and scoring from inside. Many know Ayton from his incredible go ahead Alley-oop against the Clippers, but Ayton so far has given the Bucks fits in the pick and roll. Currently averaging 14 pts and 14 rebounds per game, Ayton has just been spectacular all series.


3. Khris Middleton

For a guy that many people don’t think is very good, or at the very best just a good player, Middleton has been as good as Giannis in almost every way. This includes a huge stretch in game 4 where Middleton score 10 straight points to help the Bucks take game 4 in a game they where down for much of the game.

Middleton is averaging 26 pts and 6.5 rebounds and has shot over 37% from 3 in the series in all but 1 game. He has been so good in the playoffs that many now think he’s the Bat Man on the team.

1B. Devin Booker

Let me honest here: the best player on the court for the Suns is Booker. He’s averaging over 27 points a game and seems to just hit mid-range after mid range.

While he isn’t shooting great from 3, he has been electric all series. If the Suns win the series, Booker is likely going to win MVP if the Suns take advantage and win the series.

1A. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Here is the other obvious one here: Giannis shouldn’t even be on the court much less being the most dominant player on the court. But, he’s been a different breed and has been showing he could be the worlds best player. He’s averaging 32 points per game, 13 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and had one of the greatest blocks of all time, and then followed it up with one of the most import dunks ever in game 5. Like Booker, Giannis will be the MVP of the Bucks pull off the series win.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention here is Chris Paul and Jrue Holiday. Both have had a battle to score effectively throughout the series, but the guy with the better night their team has came out on top in all 5 games. Paul’s leadership and scoring will be vital if the Suns look to come back in the series However, Holiday’s defense on Paul’s has made CP3’s life miserable.

Bucks in 6!!!

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