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The Packers May Have The NFL’s Best Receiving Core

Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers returns to the Packers this season, but that is all up in the air. It would help the offense if Rodgers did indeed return to the team. The Packers get a lot of criticism for not providing him with enough weapons on offense. Yet, the Packers might have the best receiving core in the NFL, and here is why.

Davante Adams Is The Best Receiver In The NFL

Davante Adams' Reaction To Potential Contract With Packers Went ViralNo question, the best receiver on the Packers is Davante Adams. He had over one thousand yards and eighteen touchdowns in 2020. Since 2016, no receiver has had more touchdowns than Davante Adams. He will be the vocal point of the offense as he the best receiver of the group. Adams is in the last year of his contract and wants to be a Packer for life. It would be wise for the Packers to sign Davante Adams to a long-term deal to lock him up for the future.

The Receivers Do the Dirty Work For The Offense

Packers Friday Musings: Blocking from the WRs helped spring big plays against the Colts - Acme Packing Company

The offensive line is not the only group that does the dirty work for the Packers. If you are a wide receiver for the Packers, you better be able to block. Blocking is a key part of the offense for the Packers. The receivers are asked to block linebackers and defensive linemen and have done an excellent job rising to the challenge. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty when being asked to. Their blocking will be key again for the offense this season.

A Core Injury Hampered Allan Lazard In 2020

Packers: Allen Lazard return will give offense huge boost

Allan Lazard was on pace for nine hundred plus yards in 2020. He could have been the number two wide receiver for the Packers. He also had a break-out game against the New Orleans Saints in week three. Sadly, a core injury hampered him in 2020. He missed a month and was not one hundred percent when he returned and wasn’t as explosive as he was early in the season. Lazard definitely showed that he is tough playing through a significant injury. Now fully healed, he looks to have a break-out season in 2021.

Marques Valdes-Scantling Will Be A Secret Weapon

Marquez Valdes-Scantling Talks Rodgers, Training with Moss and More in B/R AMA | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Who was the wide receiver that was first in yards per catch with 20.9 in 2020? That was none other than Marques Valdes-Scantling. Last season he showed the potential of being a real deep threat in the NFL. All he needs to do is believe in himself and cut his drop passes. His stats would have indeed skyrocketed if he did not drop a lot of balls that were thrown at him. The Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt LaFleur have a lot of belief in him that he can be a real star player in the NFL. He will look to reward their faith in him with a possible break-out season in 2021.

Doesn’t Matter If They Were Drafted In The First Round

2021 NFL Draft: When was the last time Green Bay Packers drafted a WR in the first round?

The Packers have not drafted a wide receiver in the first round in the Aaron Rodgers era. In addition, the only first-round player to catch a touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers was Marcedes Lewis last season. In reality, it does NOT matter where the Packers get wide receivers, whether if it is in the first round or not. The Packers do not really draft receivers in the first round, yet they still have found good talent later in the draft at the wide receiver position. They ended up drafting six pro bowl wide receivers, despite not getting one in the first round. The Packers still have a good group even with not having a first-round wide receiver on the roster.

Receivers to Dominate In the Slot

What NFL Scouts Said About Packers Draft Pick Amari Rodgers - Sports Illustrated Green Bay Packers News, Analysis and More

The Packer’s offense was explosive in 2020 as they were the number one scoring offense in the NFL. Still, a piece to the Packers offense was missing and that was a slot receiver. Since the days of Randall Cobb, the Packers have not had that shifty wide receiver to dominate in the slot. They now may have the answer this season as they have options. They have Equienimious St. Brown who has shown the ability when healthy as he has injured riddle seasons. Newly drafted rookie receiver Amari Rodgers is also another option in the slot for. Not to mention Malik Taylor has shown the ability to play that position as well.

Devin Funchess Could Be a Key Piece In The Offense

After taking care of his own, Devin Funchess ready to get back to football

One player to watch on the Packers offense is Devin Funchess. The big negative on him is he has not played football in two years thanks to injury and opting out due to COVID-19. Funchess has the size that the Packers love in their wide receivers. He can win the 50/50 ball, especially in the end zone. Also, he brings some shiftiness in his game for a receiver his size. Funchess is motivated this season as he took a pay cut to prove himself. His chances of making the roster are pretty slim with all the competition he has to face. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out for Devin Funchess this season.

No Selfish Players. Everybody Knows Their Role

Contract Status of Packers WRs Will Make Drafting One More Likely This Year

An important note when it comes to having a lot of superstar wide receivers on one team is that egos can run wild and some players will always want the football. None of that is on the Packers as the wide receivers are not selfish and understand their roles on the team. Davante Adams is the clear go-to guy for Aaron Rodgers, meaning he will receive most of the targets. There was one point in the 2020 season Marques Valdes-Scantling did not get one reception in multiple games, but he did not complain and was just happy the team was winning. Same goes with Allan Lazard and Equineimious St. Brown. they will not get a lot of targets, but are fine with it as long as he can help the team win. These unselfish attitudes are one of the main reasons the Packers are 26-6 in two seasons and may look to repeat it or be better this up-and-coming season.


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