Green Bay Packers – Fantasy Football Report: Week 2

Week two of the Green Bay Packers season is in the books, and it was a MUCH better showing! There are still quite a few things that need work, and it was a slow start for the Pack. However, they turned things around and it ended in a 35-17 win over the Detroit Lions. In week one I recapped how the Packers players did in terms of Fantasy points, and this is something I plan on doing all season long. Let’s take a look at the numbers behind Aaron Jones’s HUGE week!

NOTE: The scoring is based off of PPR through NFL Fantasy. Please keep that in mind as the numbers may be slightly different from a Fantasy league you may be in! 

Aaron Rodgers: 26.8 Points

255 passing yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 interceptions. This is the Aaron Rodgers we expected in week one! A much improved version of Aaron Rodgers in Week 2, and that will be a common theme as we discuss some of the other performances. Rodgers did get sacked a handful of times, and actually showed a lot of movement out of the pocket, which was much appreciated. He had a huge longball to Adams, but missed a few others. That is one of my only big complaints so far this year.. It seems like Rodgers has lost his touch on the long ball. Usually we were critiquing someone like MVS for not hauling in the catch, but Rodgers has seemed to have TOO MUCH touch on the long ball. Something that can be fixed!

Aaron Jones: 41.5 Points

Everyone was on the Derrick Henry bandwagon once again this week, and rightfully so as he put up nearly 50 points in a PPR league. Aaron Jones decided to answer, and put on an absolutely amazing performance. The run game was very dominant for the Packers, and that was noticeable from the get-go. Jones only finished with 67 rushing yards (still a respectable amount), but his real damage came from his pass catching abilities. A total of 6 receptions with just over 60 yards, and a remarkable 3 receiving touchdowns. Add on his rushing TD as well, and Aaron Jones had himself a week, on the field and in the Fantasy world.

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones (Getty Images)

Davante Adams: 20.1 Points

It is bold to say, but this is basically the range I would expect from Adams to have on a weekly basis. Adams didn’t have a single touchdown this week, and is still searching for his first of the year. If Davante is putting up 20 fantasy points in a PPR league without a TD, you know this man is legit. 8 total receptions on the day, clocking in at a total of 121 yards. As previously mentioned, Rodgers threw a deep ball to Adams, so that is where he got a good majority of these yards. A few other screen passes for one on one situations, and it is safe to say that Davante Adams is back.

Robert Tonyan: 14.2 Points

How many times can I say someone is back? Well it felt good to see Tonyan pull in that touchdown pass! All the credit in the world goes out to Aaron Rodgers for the throw, but Tonyan still had to haul it in. Just over 50 yards for the man I like to call “TD Tonyan”, and he had 2 receptions other than the TD catch. Overall, a great game for Tonyan. Expect him to continuously put up around 6-7 points without a TD. A touchdown reception for a tight end can make or break you in fantasy.

Randall Cobb: 5.6 Points

Randall Cobb! Cobb only saw one target last week, that being from Jordan Love at the back-end of a blowout. Cobb saw all of his three caught passes come in the third quarter against the Lions, and he had a nice little stretch going. We are still waiting for Cobb to make a big play, or have his first touchdown back with the Packers. Overall, only keep Cobb on your bench if it is a deep league. If not, he’s not worth having as a starter (which we expected coming into the year).

AJ Dillon: 3.6 Points

I like including AJ Dillon in this list, just because it’s always good to have some reliable RB2 options on your bench. It happened to me last year in my Dynasty league; my RB2’s quickly became RB1’s after a few offseason moves. As for Dillon, he has had exactly 3.6 points in the past two weeks. Throughout the first two weeks of the year, it doesn’t seem worth it to use a bench spot on him. Dillon had under 20 rushing yards this week, but did have one catch which gets him an automatic point. Until we see him put in more work like Jamaal did last year, or rack in some more catches, he’s just not worth having.

Packers Defense: 6 Points

6 points! This is a very welcomed sight to see after the disastrous performance in the week prior. That said, I’m still not too impressed with the Packers defense. King does not deserve a roster spot, he got exposed just minutes into the game. Besides picking up a fumble late (which was just off a snap error), the defense still allowed 17 points and only had one sack. The interception they had late was due to a very poor throw, one that shouldn’t have even been thrown in the first place. Not to take away the interception from this team, but I still need to see a lot more from the defense for this team to be a legit contender.

Mason Crosby: 5 Points

Pretty straight forward for Crosby this week. No field goal attempts from the Packers, it was punt or touchdown all the way throughout. Crosby gets a point for each extra point made, and seeing as the Packers ended up with five touchdowns, that results in five points!

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