Florio: Matt LaFleur Blocked Trade for Aaron Rodgers

By this point in the season, everyone knows about the Green Bay Packers and their offseason drama with Aaron Rodgers. On the first night of the NFL Draft, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers was so disgruntled with the organization that he no longer wished to play of them. What followed was an offseason full of speculation and drama. Reports stated that the Packers had agreed to trade the MVP this offseason. That is, until, Matt LaFleur stepped in.

What Florio Had to Say

The Rich Eisen Show

While appearing on the Rich Eisen Show, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio had some interesting information regarding the situation. During his segment, Florio stated the following:

“If what I’ve heard and what others have heard is true, the Packers had promised [Rodgers] that they would trade him after 2020. Apparently, Matt LaFleur caught wind of it and said, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute. Jordan Love’s not ready. We can’t do this.”

Is There Merit to What Florio Said?

Packers' Aaron Rodgers answers critics after rout of Lions - The Athletic

While Mike Florio is a credentialed reporter and is respected in most NFL circles, he is known for being particularly critical of the Green Bay Packers. Over the course of the offseason, many fans and Packers’ writers began to discount what Florio wrote.

That being said, Florio has many connections to NFL personnel that most of us do not. Earlier this summer, Florio reported that Aaron Rodgers wanted a ridiculous salary to get him to stay in Green Bay. At the time, very few believed such a demand could be true. Unfortunately (I guess), as it turns out, that number ($45 million per season), turned out to be a reality according to the Packers’ new deal with Rodgers.

As we wrote here, Ian Rapaport reported that the Packers and Rodgers agreed to a new deal. This deal knocked one year off of his previous one and gave Rodgers a cap hit of over $46 million in 2022. While what Florio said at the time was not received well by Packers’ fans, it did turn out to be true. Perhaps there is merit to this report as well. It is interesting, however, that he chose to report it now, following a Packers win, as opposed to earlier.


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