“Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays” are MUST LISTEN.

The best #12 interviews EVER.

Press conferences are usually boring, except when it’s Aaron Rodgers returning to the Green Bay Packers. Radio & TV interviews are softball-filled & useless unless the host has actually put in the work to make it interesting. (As a former sport talk show host, I can tell you that I’ve had successes and failures in this particular area).

I’m not here to promote anyone’s radio show or podcast (yet – stay tuned) but I will say that if you haven’t checked out Pat McAfee’s radio/youtube/streaming show, you’re missing out on maybe the best weekly segment in sports media: “Aaron Rodgers Tuesday’s”. I’m not what you would call a “loyal listener” to McAfee’s show but he did draw me in each week during the NFL season last year and will presumably do so again this year when Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers joins McAfee & his cohost, former Packers Linebacker, AJ Hawk.

Aaron Rodgers and AJ Hawk spent nine seasons together as teammates in Green Bay. (via New York Post)

It’s candid. It’s real. It’s not full of lame questions or “gotcha journalism”. It’s how I imagine the 3 football players (McAfee punted for the Indianapolis Colts from 2009-2016) would act around each other even if there weren’t cameras & microphones. The weekly feature has returned including this week’s episode (on a Wednesday for some reason).

Topics hit this week include – 

The glasses Rodgers wore when he returned to Green Bay:

“Shi**y opinions about Wide Receiver, Randall Cobb:

The Clay Matthews Instagram posts:

Early camp throws: 

There’s obviously much, much more. The weekly interview is at least 20 minutes long & sometimes goes an entire hour. The weekly appearance humanizes Rodgers. I totally recommend you check it out.

You can follow & watch Pat McAfee’s show here.

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