3 Reasons to start Eric Stokes over Kevin King in Week 3

1. Kevin King is struggling.. again:

Monday night’s game against the Lions brought on yet another forgettable performance by Kevin King.  This time it came on National Television and started on the Lions VERY FIRST drive. Green Bay forced Detroit into a third and short situation on their opening drive, however Kevin King allows a near 50 yard completion to Quinez Cephus to allow the drive to continue.  Kevin King had additional missed assignments and tackles throughout the night, including getting hurdled.

2. Eric Stokes is earning it:

Don’t let Kevin King’s sub-par play distract you from the fact that Eric Stokes has been BALLING. He had three pass break ups two of which were on fourth down. There will be rookie mistakes throughout the year, we cannot forget this is his first year. However early returns suggest that Stokes’ ceiling is through the roof. This isn’t the first time this year we have seen eye popping plays from Stokes either.  When the game was still within reach during week one’s loss, Stokes had a brilliant PBU on a 3rd and 11 to give the Packers the ball.

3. While pass rush struggles, Stokes’ speed is invaluable:

Forget the 2020 NFC Championship game, forget anything we have seen from Kevin King for years now. Just focus on the present, through two weeks Stokes has genuinely outplayed King and his speed is a big reason why.  Similar to Sam Shields, Eric Stokes has the ability to keep up with wide receivers on broken plays. 

San Francisco will be a tough, but winnable game for the Packers and Jimmy Garoppolo has historically been willing to roll out of the pocket. Until Green Bay’s pass rush can find its rhythm, having a CB on the outside with the speed of Stokes will prove to be the better option. We have seen it for two weeks now.

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