Packers Select Eric Stokes


After a long day of reports regarding Aaron Rodgers and his future, the Packers have made their selection in the first round. The day started with reports of Aaron Rodgers being “disgruntled” with Green Bay and that he wants out. Rumors and reports stated that Rodgers wants an extension and the Packers are not willing to meet his demands. Rodgers has said nothing on this, and the Packers remain adamant that they are not trading him. Until Rodgers says anything himself all of that remains rumor and speculation. Brian Gutekunst will speak tonight regarding the selection, and it’s hard to imagine that questions on the rumors won’t be asked. However, one thing cannot change, the Packers have added Eric Stokes to their roster. Stokes was a standout corner at Georgia constantly going up against SEC talent every week.

Instant Impact

No, the Packers did not add offense like many people expected after some of the reports today. The Packers did not make a move to add a weapon in an attempt to solely please Aaron Rodgers. They instead added a piece on defense. The defense was one of the factors that played into the NFC Championship game loss last season. Adding Eric Stokes should make an instant impact on the secondary. The secondary, specifically Kevin King, was torched by Tom Brady, and Eric Stokes will fit perfectly in Joe Barry’s new fast-flying defense.

The Packers added Joe Barry to replace Mike Pettine at defensive coordinator. Clearly, this offseason has been focused on improving the defense, and rightfully so. The Packers don’t have much to improve on offense after finishing at the top of the league last season. The Packers brought back Aaron Jones and extended All-Pro Left Tackle Bakhtiari. Eric Stokes is a super athlete at the corner position and could fill the need should Kevin King continue to struggle. Jaire Alexander is already an all-pro and will be a great mentor to the young Eric Stokes.

2020 Stats

  • Four Interceptions
  • Two Touchdowns
  • Four Passes Defended
  • Twenty Tackles

What’s Next

The Packers have nine picks remaining and plenty of ammo to move around in rounds two through seven. There are plenty of positions the Packers could look to improve on and make a Super Bowl run. Look for the Packers to move up tomorrow to potentially add a wide receiver.

As Always

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