Milwaukee Bucks: What This Series (And Team) Means

Here at Wisconsin Sports Heroics, as the name implies, we do not shy away from this fact: we are all Wisconsin sports fans (to some extent). While all of us may not like every team per se, each one of us has an attachment to at least one local squad. For many, that team, or one of them, is the Milwaukee Bucks. Along with all other Bucks fans, we have seen our fair share of struggles and triumphs. We watched through the 8th-seed-or-bust Bucks, the 15-win team that landed the squad Jabari Parker and everything in between. Those moments, both highs and lows, have led fans to this moment in time, in franchise history.

For the second time in three years, the Milwaukee Bucks are two wins away from the NBA Finals. This time, though, it feels different.



Easy To Root For


You can sense it in the way this team has battled all postseason long. From grinding out game one against Miami in the opening round to prevailing in back-to-back elimination games against Brooklyn, something is different here. Milwaukee, once in danger of losing their franchise entirely, is now firmly entrenched in the NBA landscape.


A return to the NBA Finals for the first time in nearly a half-century, regardless of the result, would represent a massive mountain climbed for the franchise and the city and state that loves it. Through good times and bad, we have always been here.

The Greek Freak and Khris Middleton have always been here, too. Both men have made a commitment here, started families here. Along with Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez and others like P.J. Tucker and Bobby Portis, this squad has created something special. Fans are not simply rooting on the Milwaukee Bucks, they are rooting on the players, the men in the locker room. The best part is, the players love the fans back.

This series means everything to this team and their fans. It would not be the end of the journey yet, but starting tonight, let’s go out there and take what is ours and be along for the ride. After all, it’s always been like that, hasn’t it?

Go, Bucks.

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