3 Reasons Jordan Nwora Deserves Minutes

To some Bucks fans, Jordan Nwora might be a bit of a mystery as he only appeared in 30 regular season games last season. However, even with up and down playing time, last year’s second round pick has the potential to make an impact in the Bucks rotation this year. Here’s 3 Reasons why he should get more minutes!

Nwora In Action For The Bucks (NBA.com)

The biggest appeal to Nwora being a part of this year’s Bucks rotation has to be his shooting stroke. While it was on limited volume, Nwora shot 45% from 3 last year. While that number more than likely would go down with more minutes and volume, you can tell that he has sound mechanics and can shoot at a high level. His shooting can open the floor for more rim runs and cuts for the other guys in the second unit.


While Nwora had his defensive struggles last year you can see the potential of an athletic switchable wing inside of him. While he may have to play through some mistakes at the start of the year there is definitely enough upside that he flashed at Louisville to believe there is good defender upside in him.

Summer League

Nwora was very impressive in Summer League this year averaging over 20 points a game. Nwora was impressive in Summer League as well. For instance, it was how Nwora was getting his points that stood out. There was an off-the-dribble aspect to his scoring that wasn’t flashed last season that has me questioning the ceiling on him if it’s real. There were a couple of plays in the Summer League game against the Clippers in particular that stood out in particular and I encourage anyone reading this to watch the 3-minute highlight clip the Bucks YouTube posted of him from that game.

To Sum It Up…

Overall, Nwora has the potential to be an excellent shooting bench wing for the Bucks this year. There’s also some defensive upside that hasn’t been tapped into yet with him. Because of this, he deserves a shot to crack the bench rotation with more consistent minutes this year.


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