Packers: Devin Funchess Uses Racial Slur During Family Night Press Conference

The wide receiver battle is among the most competitive in training camp.  With nine players competing for six or seven spots, there is very little margin for error.  Unfortunately, Devin Funchess made a gross error off the field that could cost him a roster spot.

The comment sparked an uproar on social media.  Many Packers’ fans retweeted the video, stating the roster decisions at wide receiver just got a little easier.  It caused quite the divide, as some fans tried to pass it off as “not that bad.”  This, of course, is a dangerous notion.  If racism is to end, we have to stop blowing it off.  Until people like this start caring about their fellow humans, our society will never be as good or welcoming as it can be.

Funchess Later Apologized

Not long after the video of his press conference blew up on Twitter, Funchess released the following statement:

Take the apology for what you will.  It certainly sounds like a public relations person came up with it, but let us not make assumptions.  Perhaps Funchess is sincere, perhaps this is just a PR move.  Either way, he is going to have to have a training camp for the ages if he wants to make this team.

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