Packers FA Target: John Brown

Former 1000 yards receiver John Brown

Today is September 1st, 2021. The day after the initial 53 man cutdown. The Packers, who are favored for another NFC North title and deep playoff run hopefully feel good with their roster. Well there is one player out there who could help this roster take another step offensively. In fact this player is a former pro-bowl receiver, and a former 1000 yard guy. Who do you ask?

John Brown

John Brown, the former Buffalo Bill and Las Vegas Raider asked for his release from Vegas.  As it looked like he may be the odd man out. Brown, 31 was a top 15 WR in 2019 for the Bills before a slew of injuries derailed him last season.

Early this off-season he signed a 3.5M deal with the Raiders as a free agent because he felt like it was the best fit. Unfortunately, for him it wasn’t and he ultimately asked for his release on Tuesday in hopes of finding a better fit. Well what better way then playing for a team who is coming off back to back NFC title games and the reigning MVP and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers?

Good Fit for Green Bay

It would be a good fit for Green Bay as it would represent the luxury pickup similar to Antonio Brown was for Tampa Bay last season. But also because this give Green Bay another athletic, veteran presence for Rodgers particularly in deep play situations. Lastly, while I’m high on both Lazard and MVS they have not been consistent enough to be true number 2 receiving options yet.

Bad Fit for Green Bay

This is a bad fit for only two reasons. The first is it could take away opportunities. For guys like Lazard, MVS, and rookie Amari Rodgers its crucial to continue building chemistry with Rodgers. The second is who goes? The first option is a guy like Malik Taylor is had a very impressive preseason.

Or it could be a guy like Jake Hanson, or Tyler Lancaster?


Making the Money Work

So knowing Brown signed for 3.5M and had to ask for a release in hopes to catch on with a team, you are looking at a deal likely in the 2.5-3M range which isn’t a lot for a guy who could be your number 2 or 3 WR. The Packers could certainly make the money work either by working on some of the much needed extension to players like Alexander, Adams, MVS, or Z. Smith. Or they could look to cut or trade a guy like Lucas Patrick. No matter the way this is a deal that should get done.

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  1. I can’t take anybody seriously when they say Malik Taylor had a very impressive preseason. He did nothing. Simply a possession type guy and not a weapon. We already have too many of those get. I agree go rent Brown for a year.

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