What Everybody Seems To Forget About the Packers

Aug 16, 2018; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) greets teammates during warmups prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers are one of the teams receiving the most criticism this 2021 offseason. In the 2021 offseason the Packers have been really quiet. This happened in 2020 off season as well. It seems to others that the Packers are not doing anything to improve the team this season and not being aggressive. In addition, there are rumors of Aaron Rodgers leaving the Packers after this season. Despite these things, there are things everybody seems to forget about the Packers. Here, we detail these things that everyone needs to start remembering.

Here's What Aaron Rodgers Likely Wants in His Next Contract

Aaron Rodgers’ Deal Still Has Three Years Left On It

Aaron Rodgers is signed until at least 2023, meaning he has three more years left on his deal. ESPN and the sports media are spreading rumors about Aaron Rodgers having a rift with the Packers. They are also making a big overreaction on no extension or restructure of his contract. I would have liked Rodgers to have either of the two. The Packers may look to do one of them, but are probably just waiting on the right time. At the moment, everybody should not worry about that and let it play out. I am sure the Packers and Aaron Rodgers will work something out.

Packers offense has everything working to start 2020

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The Packers Had the Number One Offense

Yes, the Packers can and should do more to add to the offense to improve it. Despite that, everybody needs to remember the Packers had the number one offense last season. They were explosive and scored over thirty points a game. The offense did not have many big names, but that did not matter as they were a machine. The Packers also had guys go down with injury on offense and still were able to be explosive. In addition, they are getting a lot of guys back and have a chance to be even better. The Packers still should add more pieces to the offense, but no one should really doubt the number one offense from 2020.


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Defense Is a Good Coach Away From Being Dominant

The defense clearly has tons of talent at each position and can be championship caliber. The problem is coaching, which is why Mike Pettine is no longer the defensive coordinator. Joe Barry needs to show he learned from his past mistakes as defensive coordinator. He will be under a microscope for the 2021 season. He needs to unleash the defense and not hold them back like Pettine did. The Packers definitely have the guys on defense, the best talent they have had in years. Barry has to take advantage, as he has the opportunity to take the defense to the next level.

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Do Not Put Too Much Stock On Free Agency

The Packers have not really been active in free agency due to their cap space not being in a good spot. They also have important contracts coming up soon. Being active in free agency is great, but no one can put too much into it. At times, the teams active are the ones who were pretty bad. The Patriots are a good example, spending lots of money because they were an awful team and lacked talent. The same is true about the Minnesota Vikings getting active because they were not good last year. The Packers are not really in that boat. Now, the Packers could have made some moves in free agency. On the other hand, the Packers still in a good position despite not being active in free agency.


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They Still Have the Draft

Green Bay has a real good roster that has a chance to make another run. What can put them over the top is the NFL draft coming up next month. They have a ton of draft capital to make moves and add some talent. In addition, the draft has some loaded positions to add talent, such as at wide receiver and cornerback. These rookies drafted by the Packers just need to contribute and are not needed to make a huge impact. The team has enough talent so they won’t have to throw rookies into the fire. The Packers are really close and the 2021 NFL draft can help. We will see what the Packers do in the draft next month.

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