Wes Matthews Declines Player Option

Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Wesley Matthews has decline his player option for the 2020-2021 season.  He was due to make $2.7 million had he opted in.  In the 2019-2020 season, Matthews averaged 7.4 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 1.4 assists on shooting averages of 39.6/36.4/76.5.

What Does This Mean for the Bucks?

The Bucks have a pretty high payroll projected for the 2020-2021 season, so $2.7 million gives them a little bit more cap space.  However, it does not really give them the room to nab a big-name free agent.

Matthews was (and is) a great defensive player, as is evident here:

Losing Matthews is a blow to the Bucks on the defensive front.  They do not lose much in offense as he rarely had a significant role in Bud’s offensive scheme.  More significantly, though, is that they do not have much depth at guard.  Donte DiVincenzo, who beside George Hill is the Bucks’ best reserve guard, has commonly been discussed as a possible trade asset.  If Matthews does not resign with the Bucks for a longer deal, DiVincenzo most likely will not be included in any trades.  This could greatly affect the quality of player for whom the Bucks could trade.

Why Did Matthews Decline the Option?

There are two possible reasons for Wes Matthews’ decision floating around social media.  The first is that he is upset over his usage in Coach Bud’s system, particularly in the playoffs.  Infamously (at least in Milwaukee), Matthews found himself on the bench late in games during the Heat series while Jimmy Butler dominated the Bucks’ defense.

The second, which was referenced above, is that Matthews may want a longer contract on which to finish his career.  This could be with the Bucks, or with another team.  This deal would likely be another two-year contract in which the first year is guaranteed and the second year is a player option.

What’s Next for Wes?

As mentioned, Matthews could very well resign with the Bucks and finish his career in Milwaukee.  However, it sounds like there is another team that is very interested in the defensive-minded veteran:

Obviously, the idea of playing for the Lakers would be an attractive proposition for Wes Matthews.  He would be playing for the reigning Champions who are favored to win it all again next year.  There may be other teams interested, but the Lakers are the team that seem to be making the most noise.

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