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The Ugly Social Media Aftermath of the Aaron Rodgers Immunization Interview

Packers Fanbase Divided Again

Yesterday, Aaron Rodgers went on the Pat McAfee Show to explain his side of the immunization story. Throughout the 47-minute interview, Rodgers maintained that he had not been untruthful about being immunized. He stated that he had presented his research to the NFL prior to the season about his personal immunization plan. However, the NFL and medical experts did not grant him vaccinated status. Rodgers has been following the same protocols as all other unvaccinated players. The only exception to this being that he does not wear a mask when in the interview room. Throughout the course of the interview, Rodgers made several statements that Packers fans on social media reacted to, and not in the most pleasant of ways.


Vaccine Mandates Are Draconian

One of the most controversial issues in today’s world is the question of vaccination mandates. Many people believe that in order to stop the pandemic, everyone who can be vaccinated should get the vaccine. Aaron Rodgers, and many others, believe that a governing body, whether it be an employer or the government, mandating a vaccine is “draconian.” The term draconian refers to any law or punishment that is overly severe. In ancient Athens, Draco was the first elected lawmaker the citizens chose. They expected that he would be a kind and fair ruler. However, his first written set of laws included harsh, cruel punishments for breaking the law. For example, the penalty for stealing a head of cabbage was death.

It should be noted: there is no vaccine mandate in the NFL. Vaccinated and unvaccinated players must follow different protocols, but there is no vaccine mandate in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers and Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the most divisive things that Aaron Rodgers said over the course of his interview with Pat McAfee was a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. Many individuals took this statement as Rodgers comparing himself to the great Civil Rights leader.

Others thought is was just inappropriate for Aaron Rodgers to use the quote in this instance.

Still other did not think Aaron Rodgers quoting Martin Luther King Jr. was that big of a deal.


There is a great deal to unpack from this latest interview. Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to being divisive. Even though he claims that what he is saying should be a conversation, not a controversy, he said many controversial things. The full interview with Pat McAfee can be seen below.

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