Start Grayson Allen

No. I'm not tripping.

When my guys here at Wisconsin Sports Heroics posted the new Milwaukee Bucks roster on Facebook (minus Pat Connaughton for some reason), I immediately made a comment about who should start at the Shooting Guard spot in 2021: “Start Grayson. Bench DDV”.

That comment received “mixed” reactions:

You can go back to the facebook post and read more comments if you’d like. Just to gauge more of the audience, I took to twitter and received MORE mixed reactions. 

I said it and I meant it. The Bucks should in fact start newly acquired Grayson Allen at the 2 even when Donte DiVincenzo returns from the injury he suffered late last year. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe you CAN lose your job to injury. (Imagine if Tom Brady gave the starting job back to Drew Bledsoe) This is NOT a slam on DiVincenzo. He’s become a nice player. A nice piece. A suitable combo guard when called upon. But here’s the truth: Grayson Allen is the better basketball player and the Bucks won the title WITHOUT DiVincenzo. You’re worried about chemistry, aren’t you? A championship locker room can get a guy to gel REAL QUICK when the new guy gets there & sees a two time MVP standing with the FINALS MVP TROPHY. 

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He’s an upgrade. 

Both guys are in their 4th year. They’re the same height (6’4″). DiVincenzo is 5 pounds heaver (204 lbs) & about a year younger (24). On the floor, their numbers are incredibly similar (Allen – 12.83 per vs DDV – 12.99 per).  Allen is a better shooter than DiVincenzo. Over the last two years, he’s shot 39% from 3 and 86% from the free throw line (DDV 35% & 72%). Allen also possesses something that DiVincenzo doesn’t: DAWG. You loved PJ Tucker because the DAWG was NASTY. Guess what? Grayson Allen is a DAWG who plays NASTY. He’s not the “tripping guy” you remember from college. He’s a “3 & D” guy and that’s especially valuable in today’s NBA and in Coach Mike Budenholzer’s “let it fly” system. You can say what you want about today’s NBA but here’s the truth: 3 & D guys are VITAL and that’s what Grayson Allen is. He can play PHYSICAL defense on both guard spots and the Small Forward position and pop from the outside.

SOMEWHAT CONTROVERSIAL HOT TAKE WARNING: He’s more valuable to the Bucks over 82 games than PJ Tucker. Why? Because he can play D all over the floor and shoot the 3 from everywhere, not just the corner. Here are my full thoughts on Tucker going to the Miami Heat.

Photo Credit: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

He’ll become YOUR guy.

I know you LIKE DDV and if you’re a Wisconsin Badgers fan, you HATE Grayson Allen but let me remind you:

Barry Bonds is hated by 29 MLB fanbases but not Giants fans. He’s THEIR guy.
James Harden is hated by 29 NBA fanbases but not by Nets fans. He’s THEIR guy.
Tom Brady is hated by 30 NFL fanbases but not by Buccaneers fans (and most Patriots fans). He’s THEIR guy.

Ryan Braun is hated by 29 MLB fanbases but not by Milwaukee Brewers fans. He’s OUR guy.

That list can go on and on. You may hate Grayson Allen now, but I bet you’ll like him in 4 months.

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