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Packers Trade Deadline: 3 Wide Receiver Options

Like Tom...If I could be like Tom (Brady).

Maybe it’s a pipe dream. Maybe it’s a misguided idea of keeping up with the Tampa Buccaneers bevy of weapons (Godwin, Evans, Gronk, Fournette, AB)…Or maybe, it’s a GOOD idea to keep loading up on playmakers. So let’s upgrade the Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers, shall we?…because frankly, they need it. 

This isn’t exactly “Murder’s Row”

MVS is already hurt (hamstring). The NFL’s best Wide Receiver, Davante Adams hasn’t played in 16 games in a season in 5 years. Randall Cobb is a fun story that Aaron Rodgers loves but he’s also 31. Allen Lazard is the best blocking wideout in football but offers little to this point in way of a pass-catcher. Amari Rodgers clearly isn’t ready for primetime. EQ is worthless. 



Adams is currently ranked as the #1 wide receiver in the NFL by Pro Football Focus. Lazard is the next highest Packers WR at #61 and most of his score is attributed to his blocking ability. So why not add a big time playmaker at the wide receiver spot? I’ve got 3 that would fit nicely (and a counter point to each) by the November 2nd NFL trade deadline:

New Orleans will be without the injured Michael Thomas and retired Drew Brees, two huge offensive threats, when they face the Packers (Image Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports).

#1 – Michael Thomas (New Orleans)

From 2016-2019, Thomas caught 460 passes. FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY. That’s insane. He scored 32 touchdowns. Adding that opposite Davante Adams would be incredible. 2020 was a lost year due to an ankle injury but he’s coming off the PUP list soon and we know there has been a rift growing between Thomas and management. His long-term salary is NUTS but the Saints would pick up the ugly dead cap money. His 2021 salary is just $1 million this year and would be paid (prorated) by the Packers. Next year his salary would be $15 million. If Davante (current cap hit: $16.7 million) is gone after this season, $15 million for a pass-catching machine would be nice. BONUS: If he’s healthy at the start of the league year (early in March), THE PACKERS CAN MOVE ON WITHOUT OWING HIM NICKEL. The Saints are likely headed for an early 1st round pick next year and a rebuild. How about a 2nd or 3rd round pick to bring him in? Sounds good to me. Or how about this: TRADE JORDAN LOVE. New Orleans gets their QB of the future and Rodgers is assured to end his career in Green Bay. That would show Aaron Rodgers some love and it would make almost every cheesehead happy. 

PHOTO: AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn

#2 – Odell Beckham Jr. (Cleveland)

He’s not happy (shocking) in Cleveland because he’s not getting the ball. He IS getting double & triple teamed all day so I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see Baker Mayfield NOT throw the ball his way. While he IS coming off an ACL injury last season, Beckham + Davante would be the #1 WR duo in the NFL. His salary this year would be the prorated portion of about $15 million. Last week during the Stephon Gilmore trade talks, we learned the Packers have just about that much cap space. Long term, OBJ’s deal is useless (for him). It’s not guaranteed so Green Bay could move on (or pay him). He has 2 years at $15 million/year left on his current contract. How about a 3rd or 4th to get Aaron Rodgers a deep threat playmaker who wants to win? I know: You think he’s a locker room cancer. I imagine he’d be just fine joining #12’s locker room instead of Baker Mayfield’s or Daniel Jones’.

Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

#3 – Allen Robinson (Chicago)

OK…so this one is the most far-fetched but hear me out. I don’t think there is a more WASTED talent in the NFL than Robinson. Between Andy Dalton & Justin Fields (and Nick Foles?), the quarterback situation in the Chicago SUCKS. Robinson is a tremendous talent that has 200 receptions and over 2,300 receiving yards over the last 2 years with the craptastic QB situation that is the Bears (Foles, Trubisky, PUKE). Now, this one would be the most expensive option of the 3 I’ve listed. He’s been franchised to make $17 million this year and the other holdup? There is NO WAY Chicago is going to trade in the division to the team that’s dominated them since 1992. This would truly be a half season rental that is VERY unlikely to happen…..but a 4th round pick would be enough, IMO.

Will the Packers beef up the WR spot like Tampa? Will they add to an already pretty potent offense? Doubtful but any of these three would make a TON of sense. Gotta make Aaron happy, right?

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