Packers Playoff History is Full of Success

Green Bay Packers fans remember the teams most notorious moments and games in the franchise’s playoff history. From the Ice Bowl to 4th & 26, and Favre to Sharpe in a comeback win to Desmond Howard going 99 yards in the Super Bowl; these are a few of those playoff memories that Packers fans hold dearly with them. A deeper examination of the numbers demonstrates that the Packers are one of the NFL’s most successful playoff teams.

When the Packers step onto Lambeau Field for the NFC Championship Game, it will be the second time they have faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoffs. Green Bay played Tampa Bay on Jan. 4, 1998 while on their way to Super Bowl XXXII. The only NFC team the Packers have never played in the playoffs is the New Orleans Saints.

The Record

Currently the Packers all-time record in the playoffs is 36 wins and 23 losses for a .610 winning percentage. This total includes the recent Divisional round win against the Los Angeles Rams. Teams that have as many or more wins than Green Bay are the New England (37-21, .638) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (36-26, .610). The 49ers are the only other team with a winning percentage of at least .600 (33-22, .600).

If Green Bay reaches and wins Super Bowl LV Feb. 7, 2021, they will become the NFL’s all-time wins leader in both the playoffs and regular season (769-577-38, .569). The Chicago Bears have the most wins all time (777) and the New York Giants are the only other team over 700 wins (702).

The Packers first postseason game was in 1936 when they beat the Boston Redskins in Boston 21-6. The first NFL Championship game took place in 1933 and was won by the Bears. The Packers won three NFL Championships (1929, 1930, 1931) when the title was rewarded to the team with the best winning percentage in the regular season.


The Packers have the most NFL Championships of any team with 13 which includes 4 Super Bowl wins. The New York Giants and the Bears are second with eight titles each. The Packers have won three titles in a row twice, 1929-1931 and 1965-1967. They would have faced AFL Champ the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl if it had started in 1965.

Packers’ Playoff History

Packers defeat Rams to advance to NFC Championship

Here is a list of the professional football title games (10-4) that the Packers have played in:

Dec. 13, 1936 – @ Boston Redskins 21-6
Dec. 11, 1938 – Loss @ New York Giants 17-23
Dec. 10, 1939 – vs. Giants in Milwaukee 27-0
Dec. 14, 1941 – Loss @ Chicago Bears 14-33
Dec. 17, 1944 – @ Giants 14-7
Dec. 26, 1960 – Loss @ Philadelphia Eagles 13-17
Dec. 31, 1961 – vs. Giants 37-0 (First playoff game in Lambeau Field)
Dec. 30, 1962 – @Giants 16-7
Jan. 2, 1966 – vs Browns 23-12
Jan. 15, 1967 – vs. Chiefs 35-10 (Super Bowl I)
Jan. 14, 1968 – vs. Raiders 33-14
Jan. 26, 1996 – vs. New England Patriots 35-21
Jan. 25, 1998 – Loss vs. Denver Broncos 24-31
Feb. 6, 2011 – vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25

It remains to be seen if the Packers will add to that list soon, but there is no doubt the Packers hold a high place among the playoff history of the NFL’s best teams.

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