Packers Can Make Rodgers Situation a Positive


So by now we all are completely indulged in the braking news by Adam Schefter, “Aaron Rodgers is disgruntled and wants out in Green Bay.”

Negatives of Rodgers Trade

Obviously when you lose a player like Rodgers it will hurt. Not only on the team but on the die hard fans of the Packers. Rodgers is the reigning MVP and has brought a title to GB in his tenure.

However someday Green Bay is bound to be post-Rodgers. Nobody thought it would come this soon, but  what if we’ve watched Rodgers last game in Green Bay?


What A Trade Could Look Like

So let’s pretend for a reason Green Bay makes the trade with the 49ers. They currently hold the 3rd pick and might have the best chance at landing the MVP QB.

49ers get Rodgers

Packers get 3rd pick, pick 43, Nick Bosa, and 2022 2nd round pick. Jimmy Garoppolo could also be added

Packers Can Win This Deal

Packers should use pick 3 to take Kyle Pitts. Give Jordan Love a great weapon to pair with Aaron Jones and Davante Adams. Then Add more talent throughout the draft with the added picks. This would give Jordan Love weapons and protection to show what he has on a Super Bowl ready roster.

Green Bay should still add a veteran QB to back up Love and help teach him the ropes. But even if Love, who I’m extremely high on isn’t the answer, Green Bay’s roster will be enticing next year for free agent QBs to come into, or Green Bay could look to add a QB next years draft.

Green Bay would also get a all pro defensive player in Nick Bosa, to pair with the Smiths and Alexander in that defense.


It’s never easy to trade away a MVP or future Hall of Famer, but if you have to Green Bay can be set up to win this trade.

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