Man in the Middle: Matt LaFleur’s Greatest Challenge


Prior to the first night of the 2021 NFL Draft, it appeared as if Matt LaFleur had one of the best, if not THE best, head coaching situations in the NFL.  His quarterback was the MVP of the league and remains under contract for three more years.  The front office went out and brought back just about every key free agent they stood to lose, including a Pro Bowl running back.  How drastically things stand now!  Coach LaFleur has gone from having an enviable position to one of the most stressful and awkward positions in the NFL.  If the reports are true, he is now stuck in the middle between Aaron Rodgers and Brian Gutekunst, his start quarterback and his boss.  This will truly be the greatest challenge he ever faces in his career.

How Long Has This Been Going On?

It should be noted that no one really knows the truth of what is going on because Aaron Rodgers has yet to address the public himself.  However, back when Matt LaFleur was hired by the Packers, Gutekunst reportedly had words for his star quarterback.  In some non-confirmed accounts, Gutekunst reportedly told Aaron Rodgers to “not be the problem” under head coach Matt LaFleur.  In addition, the same reports said that Gutekunst was tired of the quarterback’s “diva” attitude.

Over the course of the week, reports were released that Rodgers was upset with the Packers’ front office for not involving him in roster moves.  Specifically, the Packers’ cutting of Jake Kumerow the day after Rodgers’ publicly praised him as a death knell in their relationship.

The Jordan Love Pick

Of course, one of the most publicized issues between Aaron Rodgers and management came in last year’s Draft when the team traded up to take Jordan Love.  After the pick was made, Rodgers revealed that he was not aware of the Packers’ plan to take a quarterback.  Following the pick, Rodgers said he poured “four fingers” of scotch.  Now, Gutekunst admits that the Packers should have communicated better with their quarterback.

The Jerry Krause Taunt?

According to reports this morning, Aaron Rodgers apparently made fun of Brian Gutekunst in group text messages with his teammates.  In these messages, he compared Gutekunst to Jerry Krause.  Krause was the general manager of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. He was hated by Michael Jordan for the roster moves that he made, as documented in the Last Dance.

Matt LaFleur Is In the Middle

No matter which of these reports are true, one thing is clear.  Matt LaFleur is the man in the middle.  LaFleur has constantly stated his deep desire for Aaron Rodgers to return to Green Bay.  “He sure as hell better be back,” he said after the NFC Championship game.  In all of these reports, nothing negative has come from Rodgers in regards to his coach.  Neither has management had anything negative to say about LaFleur.

This puts LaFleur in a very awkward position: the man in the middle.  He wants Rodgers back, of course, but also must play nice with the front office.  No matter what happens in the course of LaFleur’s career, this will be the toughest challenge he faces.

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  1. GUTE is only after those that want to be on his team GUTES team for his OWN foot print. GUTE has no respect for a 3x League MVP. This type of talented qtr back are hard to fine GUTE gas screwed crap uo for the PACKERS organization. This contract should have been done long ago but its all GUTES ego. They should have never let Wolfes son leave the Packers but he was a threat to GUTE. NOW us fans need the PACKERS step upto the plate and make it right for the 3x mvp and get him his star powered receiver that he has bern asking for. It time he starts listening. We will see if MURPHY has the balls to step up to the plate and set down with GUTE and tell him to shape up or ship out. I know I don’t want to go through another 3 to 4 yrs or rebuilding. Does one really think the fans want this either? We all know it’s not about the money with #12 listen to #12 closest friends that know him. It is repairable but time is ticking GUTE GET OFF YOUR DUFF AND FIX WHAT YOU HAVE SCREWED UP. GET THE HELP THAT A-rod needs.Be a man and step up or are you a loser.

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