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Jace Sternberger: Your Fantasy Backup Tight End

The last round of your Fantasy Football Draft is always a crapshoot. You are, in most cases, going to drop the player to pick up a breakout player or rookie after a few weeks of playing and injuries. Instead, I think you should draft Jace Sternberger and keep him on your roster.

Most Fantasy Football players don’t keep a backup Tight End on their roster. I always do. My two main leagues are a 12 team league and a 10 team league, both with flex spots. After Week 8, most Tight Ends worth having are already gone. Having a backup Tight End is never a bad idea just in case.

With Jimmy Graham no longer on the Packers, Jace Sternberger is now the unofficial starting Tight End for the Green Bay Packers. I have no doubt Mercedes Lewis, Josiah Deguara, and Robert Tonyan will all be involved in the offense early on, but Jace has a huge chance to break out this year for the Packers and Fantasy Football teams.

Sternberger’s 49ers game TD catch.

Right now, Jace is ranked as the #30 Tight End to draft and his overall pick is averaging around numbers 240-250. That means a lot of people aren’t going to draft him or take a chance. A big reason for that is because last year Jace’s injuries cost him most of the 2019 season and he didn’t have a catch his rookie season. Technically, he had 4 catches and a touchdown in the postseason, but nothing during the full regular season. So, you can’t really blame people not being too high on him right now.

Did the 2020 Draft Hurt Jace’s Chances?

The Packers drafting Josiah Deguara this year also threw a wrench into Jace’s fantasy stock. Deguara could emerge as an amazing Tight End his rookie season. But, experts think he will be a TE2 and is seen as a young Mercedes Lewis-type, who is also conveniently on the Packers. Signing Mercedes Lewis again was so smart for the Packers to do. You have a veteran Tight End who is an amazing blocker, player, and a favorite of Aaron Rodgers. Who wouldn’t want to learn and play with him?

Josiah Deguara

As Matt LaFleur’s offense evolves with the Packers, I definitely see Tight End being very important. A lot of none-Packers fans are going to blow off Sternberger or not want to take the risk. Every Tight End has a better chance with Aaron Rodgers under center, but those same people might also be hesitant if they took Jimmy Graham one of the past two seasons expecting a huge comeback year each time. Jimmy Graham had 149 targets during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, and a young, healthy stud Tight End can do a lot of damage with that many looks.

Picking Sternberger in a later round as your backup Tight End is a perfect low risk/high reward pick. You technically don’t need that 5th Wide Receiver, and if your league has a Flex spot that includes Tight End (which is should), then if Jace has a breakout year that is another possible Flex player to plug in.

Young Tight Ends of the Past

Remember when another team had two young tight ends on their roster like Sternberger and Deguara? It was the New England Patriots with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, and it helped them win quite a lot. They also made Tom Brady look like an elite Quarterback. That’s right, a late in the article Brady slam! Also, that isn’t true. Mr. Brady has helped me win way too much money in Fantasy Football.

The last Tight End for the Packers to have a quiet rookie season and then break out? That was Jermichael Finley. Can Jace Sternberger be the next Gronkowski or Finley? Only time will time. But picking him now will do nothing but help you.

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