Is it Time for a Braun Farewell Tour?

The Problem
The Milwaukee Brewers have a problem and one that likely won’t be fixed without an extended time in the minors. Keston Hiura has so much talent, and if he can get back to his 2019 form would be a huge bat in this lineup.

The Brewers believed so much in Huira’s bat that they tried to switch him to 1st to cover up his defensive liability but even that has been a mess. They have been patient with Huira now both offensively and defensively but to no avail.

While Dan Vogelbach has been consistent and seems to be on the verge of a hot streak.

However, “Brewers Black Hole” at first has punished this team offensively through  nearly 60 games. Yet they sit near the top of the NL Central because of their pitching and current hot streak of winning. But that doesn’t mean a change doesn’t need to happen.

The solution: Call Ryan Braun

Now this is a gut feeling, but Braun still hasn’t closed the door on a potential return. He also has experience at first base and doesn’t have to play everyday but could be a solid bat down the stretch for this team. Know essentially as Mr. September for the Brewers, Braun is a professional hitter.

The former MVP boosts a career .296 batting average and has hit at least 20 home runs 10 of his 14 years in the league.

Unlike other options to add a bat, Braun is a free agent. And would cost the Brewers players to bring him in. Also he and the Brewers could probably broker a cheap deal.

The Benefit For Braun

He could play first, a position that isn’t as physically taxing as the outfield, and he wouldn’t have to play every day, as he can share duties with Vogelbach.

Also Braun would get the farewell tour from full capacity crowds in Milwaukee that he so deserves, and didn’t get in 2020.

Lastly, Braun is at 1963 career hits, just 37 hits away from the industries 2000 hit club. And could chance one more magical September run and maybe that elusive championship ring.


It’s time to make the call, maybe even beg some, but the worst case scenario is he says no.

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