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“He’s now a shareholder of the Bears”. ~Tom Brady on Aaron Rodgers:

The world is still talking about "I OWN YOU".

The entire NFL world is still talking about Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers touchdown celebration from last week in Chicago. And since I can’t get enough of it, let’s revisit it once again, shall we?

I will never, ever get sick of watching that. NEVER. And for the record, I don’t buy the “I blacked out” excuse Rodgers gave the media. I don’t believe that. It was classic “Rodgers being Rodgers.” He knew EXACTLY what he was doing after he scored. The only thing missing from #12 was a wink to the media. 😉

#12 Give Props to #4

And as usual, Rodgers went on Pat McAfee’s show to talk about the game, life, and (of course) Green Bay OWNING THE CHICAGO BEARS ever since Brett Favre took over.

The GOAT Speaks

Here’s the kicker (or a kick in the junk to every Bears fan): On an appearance on SiriusXM, Tampa Bay Quarterback Tom Brady gave Rodgers a shoutout:

TThat’sgame respecting game right there. (The Bears visit Tampa on Sunday, btw).

REMINDER: The Bears Still SUCK.

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