Green Bay Packers – Fantasy Football Report: Week 4

Can you believe we are four weeks into the season already? If it wasn’t for the additional game, we would already be a quarter of a way through the season. It’s crazy! The Packers have certainly rebounded since the horrendous Week 1, so let’s take a look at this weeks fantasy performances!

NOTE: The scoring is based off of PPR through NFL Fantasy. Please keep that in mind as the numbers may be slightly different from a Fantasy league you may be in!

Aaron Rodgers: 24.12 Points

Aaron Rodgers had a rushing touchdown! I was beyond pleased to see Rodgers decide to take it a few yards himself. This is something that he has hesitated about in the past, but not against the Steelers. Great job from Rodgers in Week 4, as he continues to perform at such a high level. He didn’t have the best completion percentage, but there were quite a few close calls and balls that just weren’t hauled in. Not the best performance, not the worst. This is a perfectly acceptable outing from Rodgers, but there were a few drives that he wishes were touchdowns instead of field goals.

Aaron Jones: 10.90 Points

A fumble definitely brought Jones’s total down for the week, however he still had a decent game. In the backfield, it was interesting to see AJ Dillon come in and get quite a workload this week. There’s no need to risk Jones in a late game situation when you are up by 17, so that might be part of it. Jones hauled in three receptions for a huge 51 yards, which is 8.1 points right there. It might shock you for me to say that Jones didn’t have a single touchdown! After his hot start to the season, he came up empty here.

AJ Dillon: 10.70 Points

I mentioned a split backfield, and this proves it! Dillon and Jones had nearly identical totals, which is very interesting. This is the first time all year we saw AJ Dillon prove himself, even if most of the big carries came late in the game. He had one huge carry in the 3rd quarter that was two yards shy of a touchdown, easily his best and most explosive carry of the year. 81 rushing yards on the day for Quadzilla, add in a reception and he had himself a great game.

Davante Adams: 12.40 Points

Quiet day for Adams! With the upcoming Randall Cobb hauling in not one, but TWO touchdown receptions, the Steelers defense really locked down Adams. That said, Adams still had around ten targets, and was able to haul in six for just over 64 yards. Not the most explosive day, but there is nothing wrong with Adams having a day like this when Randall Cobb put in his best game since 2015.

Randall Cobb: 23.90 Points

Randall Cobb had nearly as many points as Aaron Rodgers! Two touchdowns for Randall Cobb makes for his best game in over six years, and it was great to see. The Packers will be missing MVS for the next few weeks, so it’s good to know that Cobb still has what it takes, and is able to catch some of Rodgers deep balls, and bullets in the end zone. Overall a fantastic game from Randall Cobb, someone who I didn’t think was worth having on your fantasy roster until now. He was on my bench this week, but there’s potential I start him in a flex spot next week against the Bengals.

Robert Tonyan: 2.80 Points

Tonyan didn’t have the best day, but he was targeted on the deep ball a few times. It’s not that the throws were bad, the coverage was just that good and locked down Tonyan. Two catches on the day for a total of eight yards, and it’s a rather forgettable performance from the tight end.

Packers Defense: 7.00 Points

Defenses are always up in the air, and seven points isn’t the worst, but it’s not too great either. Only two sacks on the day, which isn’t the best as it shows that the defense wasn’t able to get the not so mobile Big Ben. Stokes had an interception late in the game, and the D had a fumble recovery early. Ultimately, they only allowed 17 points which is acceptable as this Packers offense is capable of putting up much more than that.

Mason Crosby: 9.00 Points

I mentioned that two drives resulted in a field goal instead of touchdowns, and that favors Crosby’s fantasy outing. He had the big game winner last week, but that wasn’t needed here. A pair of field goals and extra points puts Crosby at a very good 9 fantasy points; no complaints for the kicker.

Packer Only Fantasy Team: 106.12 Points

If you were to start Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard (flex), Robert Tonyan, Packers D, and Mason Crosby, you would end up with that total! A fun new addition to my weekly reports.

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