Green Bay Packers – Fantasy Football Recap: Week 5

What can I really say that hasn’t already been said about this game? An absolutely wild ride, but ultimately the Packers found a way to win. Rodgers delivered after a slow start, Adams put up insane numbers, and Crosby took us on the most dangerous roller coaster of all time. Incase you missed last week’s recap, you can check that out here. The Packers are now 4-1, so no complaints from me! Time to take a look at this week’s fantasy numbers.

NOTE: The scoring is based off of PPR through NFL Fantasy. Please keep that in mind as the numbers may be slightly different from a Fantasy league you may be in!

Aaron Rodgers: 19.76 Points

As I mentioned in the intro, Aaron Rodgers had himself a rough first quarter. The Packers established the run on the opening drive, then seemed to kind of abandon it. Rodgers threw an interception, which is still uncharacteristic of him. Thankfully, he did a great job of looking past that (something that will be discussed in Crosby’s section), and put up some decent numbers. No one is going to complain about a 20 point fantasy quarterback, and that is the range Rodgers hovers around.

Aaron Jones: 14.90 Points

Aaron Jones had a few very explosive runs in this game, including arguably his biggest of the year late in the 4th quarter. Sadly, it didn’t end in any points, but that’s an entirely different story. For Jones to score almost 15 points without having a touchdown on the day, you know he did something right. AJ Dillon is next in this list, and he finally showed the explosiveness we know he is capable of. Jones topped 100 rushing yards on the day, and hauled in a mesmerizing 4 catches for 6 yards.

AJ Dillon: 17.90 Points

AJ Dillon topped Aaron Jones! I briefly touched on him in Jones’s section, but Dillon really proved he belonged in this game. An early receiving touchdown for Dillon was nice to see, as he continues to improve as a pass catching back. His final numbers saw just 30 rushing yards, but there were a few great carries in there. Add in 4 catches for just under 50 yards with his touchdown, and it finally seems like Dillon could be an asset on your fantasy squad.

Davante Adams: 37.60 Points

The Bengals tried, they really did, but how can you stop Davante Adams? There was a little screen to Adams where he got stuffed at the line of scrimmage, otherwise this dude was a monster out there. One catch saw him wide open, which makes no sense. How are you not double teaming this guy? That said, there was one time where he was basically triple teamed, but still had the edge and hauled in a long ball. It was nice to see Rodgers connect on a 50 yarder to Adams, maybe he found his touch again! Adams finished Week 5 with an insane 11 receptions and 206 yards, along with the touchdown.

Davante Adams (17) catches a touchdown against the Bengals. Adams hauled in 11 catches for 206 yards and a TD in the Packers’ overtime win in Cincinnati (Photo by Dylan Buell / Getty Images)

Randall Cobb: 5.00 Points

After a ferocious Week 4 performance, Randall Cobb was rather quiet this week. Davante Adams took the majority of the targets, but even when the ball was thrown Cobb’s way, there wasn’t anything too special about it. A few easy throws, including one huge one on third and long, but otherwise that was it. 2 receptions for 30 yards is nothing to go crazy about, and is concerning for anyone who decided to start him based on last weeks game. With MVS still out, it’s not too big of a risk starting Cobb if your roster is that thin.

Robert Tonyan: 1.80 Points

When Lewis has a better day than Tonyan, you know something is up. Tonyan had just one catch for 8 yards, and I believe was only targeted one other time. I may be wrong on that, but Tonyan’s name really didn’t come up at all in the grand scheme of things. Personally, I dropped Tonyan after last week’s game and picked up a different tight end. Tonyan just hasn’t been putting up good numbers. It’s sad to say, but Tonyan is far from a starting tight end in a competitive PPR league.

Packers Defense: 7.00 Points

Joe Burrow threw a ridiculous interception to start overtime, and other than that the Packers were able to pick him off once more. Two interceptions on the day isn’t bad, but both were quite honestly terrible throws that never should’ve been made. Burrow is still finding himself in the league, so it was expected that the Packers could take advantage of him. One of the most interesting matchups to watch all day was Stokes against Chase, and Stokes held his own! That is very promising from the rookie. This defense allowed 22 points, and brought down Burrow three times. Not the worst performance against an explosive Bengals offense.

Mason Crosby: 13.00 Points

13 points for Crosby, what?! Non-Packer fans who have Crosby on their squad must think that Crosby put on an amazing performance, but boy would they be wrong! Crosby missed an extra point early in the game, but that wasn’t the big story. Before the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter, Crosby missed, and then missed again at the end of regulation. Add in another miss at the start of overtime, Crosby finally nailed a kick to give the Packers the win. It was not fun for Packer fans, and I don’t even want to know what Crosby was going through on the sideline. It’s all a mental thing, it truly is. Thankfully Crosby was able to save the day, and has two game winning field goals now on the season. Hopefully this doesn’t affect him in the long run.

Packers Only Fantasy Team: 119.56 Points

With the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard (flex), Robert Tonyan, Packers D, and Mason Crosby, this would be your total. There weren’t any other receiving threats, but starting Lewis over Tonyan would’ve snagged you an extra 3.6 points. Who would actually start Lewis though? You never know. Anyways, this is a great total! Thirteen more points than last week, when I first implemented the concept.


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