Green Bay Packers – Fantasy Football Recap: Week 11

While the Packers came out on the losing end, fantasy owners were more than happy with the performance of some of the players. Aaron Rodgers had what some are saying was his best game of the year, even with the toe injury. Adams and MVS were lights out targets, but it was the defense this time who let Packer fans down. Enough of the intro, let’s see who scored what!

NOTE: The scoring is based on PPR through NFL Fantasy. Please keep that in mind as the numbers might be slightly different from a Fantasy league you’re in!

Aaron Rodgers: 33.50 Points

Right out of the gate, you could tell Aaron Rodgers was into this game. There were a few drives that had to result in field goals… One of which missed. If those drives earlier in the game could’ve found the endzone, things would’ve been different. Rodgers targeted MVS heavily with the deep ball early on, but just wasn’t able to connect. They got into a zone late in the game, including the massive catch with just over 2 minutes remaining. Rodgers was just shy of 400 passing yards on the day, but had over 400 combined when you add in his rushing attempts. This was a 4TD effort, and putting up thirty three and a half fantasy points is a fantastic outing for any quarterback.

AJ Dillon: 15.70 Points

If AJ Dillon didn’t have as many receptions as he did, his fantasy score would’ve been an absolute stinker. Dillon couldn’t seem to get anything going on the ground, especially with his carries on first down. The box score reads 53 rushing yards, but 6 receptions for 44 yards. Those 53 rushing yards come out to 5.3 fantasy points, when the 6 receptions alone are six points. Pass catching backs are truly the way to go in fantasy football. Dillon was heavily picked up in the leagues where he was still available, and Dillon will continue to lead next week if Jones remains out.

Patrick Taylor: 1.10 Points

Last week I questioned who would step up as RB2, and Patrick Taylor was the second man. Taylor had 4 carries to the 11 of AJ Dillon, but he was only able to get 11 yards out of those four carries. We knew that the RB2 spot would be rather weak, but I expected a little more than just 11 yards from Dillon’s backup. At the end of the day, no one was starting Patrick Taylor anyways. If for some reason you do indeed have an all Packers fantasy team and did start him, I’m sorry.

Davante Adams: 30.50 Points

Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler dominated this week, but there were quite a few receivers who had monster weeks. Davante Adams falls into that category, finishing with over 30 fantasy points in a PPR style league. Having two touchdowns will certainly help your final tally, but 7 receptions for 115 yards is a thing of beauty. There’s nothing better than the Rodgers and Adams connection. It’s crazy that Adams can put up 30+ fantasy points on only receptions!

MVS: 22.30 Points

MVS doesn’t fall into the high end WR category, but he is someone I flexed this week, and boy am I glad I did. With Aaron Jones out, I knew Dillon would get some targets, but they’ve been trying to work MVS back into this offense. As I previously mentioned, Rodgers wasn’t connecting with MVS early, but they found a few deep balls late that really helped MVS in the fantasy department. You never know if you are going to get 2 fantasy points from Marquez or 20, so it’s a risky start.

Josiah Deguara: 11.70 Points

The big man got his first NFL touchdown! Marcedes Lewis wasn’t really a factor in this week’s game at all, but Deguara stepped up big time on a third down in the red-zone. It must feel amazing to get that first TD, and I’m sure it’s a moment he’ll never forget. Now that he has it, he also is slowly gaining the trust of Aaron Rodgers. It’s not like he never had Rodgers trust, but making a big catch in the endzone will surely separate you from the rest. Deguara is the clear TE1 for this team with Tonyan out.

Packers Defense: 1.00 Points

I blame all of the analysts and announcers who talk nonstop about how big this defense has been stepping up. A performance like this was bound to happen eventually. The Packers got themselves into a shootout with the Vikings, and for the first time seemingly all season, the Vikings didn’t make a big mistake to cost themselves the game. There was a huge INT late that got overturned, but that would’ve seen this game end differently. The Packers only got to Cousins on two occasions, but otherwise couldn’t force any turnovers. I’m not too worried about this defense, but it’s not getting any easier next week against an explosive Rams offense who is coming off the bye.

Mason Crosby: 9.00 Points

This is actually a great score from Crosby, but one that left a lot to be desired. Okay, not a lot, but one field goal which would’ve netted him an additional three points. Crosby hit a lengthy kick to open the game, but failed to get a rather short one through the posts. Obviously you can say that if Crosby would’ve made that one, we wouldn’t have lost, but I can’t possibly put all the blame on Crosby. He is definitely having a rough year though, and I have no idea what would happen if the game was on the line and we had to rely on him.

Packers Only Fantasy Team: 132.20 Points

If you were to start Rodgers, Dillon, Taylor, Adams, MVS, St-Brown (flex), Deguara, Packers D, and Mason Crosby, this would be the final number. 132 is insane! For the Packers to put up that in the fantasy department, and not come out on the winning end, it blows my mind. This 132.2 number also includes both Taylor and the Packers D who combined for 2.1 points, showing how much the rest of the squad went off. At the end of the day the Packers lost to the Vikings, but multiple players really should’ve helped you out in fantasy football.

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