Former Packers’ RB Don Jackson Defends Aaron Rodgers

Last week, Matt Lombardo of FanSided Tweeted out a shocking message about how Packers’ players view Aaron Rodgers:

This was, of course, not the first time someone has said something of this nature about Rodgers.  When he left Green Bay, Greg Jennings had some choice words about the future Hall of Fame quarterback.  While a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Jennings accused Rodgers of not always putting the team first.  In his words:

“Don’t get me wrong, “12” is a great person. But when you hear all positives, all positives, all positives all the time, it’s hard for you to sit down when one of your teammates says, ‘Man, come on, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable for this.'”  

“It’s hard for someone to see that now because all they’ve heard is I’m doing it the right way, I’m perfect. In actuality, we all have flaws.”

That Does Not Fit With What We Know

Not many Packers’ fans may remember the name of Don Jackson.  He was a young running back who played three games for the Packers in 2016.  They were the only NFL games he played in his brief NFL Career.

However brief his time in the NFL may have been, by all reports he had a great relationship with Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers, in fact, seemed to have taken the young back under his wing.

When Lombardo’s story broke, Jackson had the following response:

“He never sat on a high horse & always reached his hand out to help or show love. We all loved his energy, his kindness and competitiveness. Just stop with the BS. Aaron is a great leader, great teammate even better human.”

Jackson responded to the story without prompting.  For a player who spent so little time with Rodgers to come out and defend Rodgers, it really makes one think twice about the statement of the former GM quoted in Lombardo’s article.

According to Davante Adams this week, the entire Packers’ team is behind Rodgers.  Regardless of what fans may think of him, his teammates do, indeed, think highly of him.


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