Demovsky: Aaron Rodgers Is Done with the Packers


Earlier this week, ESPN reporter Rob Demovsky, who covers the Green Bay Packers, appeared on a Chicago sports radio show.  While on the show, Demovsky admitted that it is his belief that Aaron Rodgers is done with the Green Bay Packers.  In short, Rodgers, in his opinion, will never play for the Packers again.

Mixed Reactions to Demovsky

The comments by Rob Demovsky have sparked numerous responses on social media.  Some, like Pat McAfee, respect him and believe that he has a good idea of what is going on, even if they disagree:

Others, however, have no love for Rob Demovsky at all:

Rob Demovksy Has Clashed with Packers Players

A few years back, when discussing David Bakhtiari, Rob Demovsky said that Bakhtiari’s demeanor towards the media had improved since his rookie season.  Before that, according to Demovksy, he was “kind of a dick.”

David Bakhtiari, of course, took issue with Demovsky.  In addition, many of the Packers’ players took issue with the comment as well.  While the incident has no bearing on his latest comments regarding Aaron Rodgers, it is worth noting that Demovsky is not a favorite reporter among Packers’ players.

Different Opinions

As stated, the notion that Aaron Rodgers is done with the Packers is just Rob Demovksy’s opinion.  As a reporter, working for ESPN no less, he does have connections that many others do not.  However, former teammates of Aaron Rodgers, who still have great relationships with him, have stated repeatedly that they believe the situation is fixable.  Among those who believe reconciliation is possible are AJ Hawk, John Kuhn, and James Jones.


A couple of weeks ago, Hawk went as far as to say that Aaron Rodgers “has to” return to the Green Bay Packers:


Of course, no one except Aaron Rogers knows what Aaron Rodgers will do.  The Packers have reportedly been in talks with him in regards to an extension, but details of it remain unknown to the general public.  With June 8 and the start of mandatory team activities coming up this week, all eyes will be on Green Bay to see if Rodgers shows up.

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