Davante Adams: I Should Be the Highest Paid Receiver in the NFL

Today was the first day Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams addressed the media since the end of last season.  Of course, Aaron Rodgers’ press conference centered on his offseason and his relationship with the Packers’ front office.  You can read more about that interview here.  Davante Adams’ press conference, on the other hand, circled around his contract negotiations.  To say the least, he did not hold back:

Adams set the franchise record last season with 115 receptions.  He also tied the franchise record of receiving touchdowns in a season with 18.  For his efforts, he was named First Team All Pro and was a Pro Bowler for the fourth straight season.  Without a doubt, he was the top receiver in the NFL last season and deserves to be paid like it.  Currently, Adams is in the final year of a four-year $58 million contract.  Reportedly, he is seeking a deal worth more than the two-year $54 million deal DeAndre Hopkins signed with Arizona.

Aaron Rodgers Returning in 2022 Will Not Make a Difference

When asked if Aaron Rodgers playing for the Packers in 2022 will make a difference, Adams was very up front about his feelings:

For a while, many people speculated that having Aaron Rodgers back would help them sign Davante Adams.  Clearly, that is not the case.  Adams wants to be paid like the best receiver in the NFL.  It will not matter who is the quarterback next season.

Where Are the Talks Now?

It was reported earlier this month that contract negotiations between Adams and the Packers have stalled.  When Adams was asked about the talks now, he said there has not been much progress.  According to Adams, the two parties began talking about a new deal all the way back in February.  He called their inability to come to an understanding “unfortunate.”

Adams was also asked about whether or not he would listen to contract offers from the Packers during the season.  He responded by saying that he has become successful by focusing on the moment.  He does not believe that contract talks will take place during the season.  Additionally, though, he admitted that is how he is feeling now.  He left open the possibility for talks to happen later on.


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