Could Milwaukee Host the 2021 MLB All Star Game?


After Friday’s announcement that MLB is moving its 2021 All Star Game out of Atlanta following the passage of a restrictive voting bill, Milwaukee has emerged as a possible landing spot. 

MLB is looking for a new host for the 2021 All Star Game, Milwaukee is a natural fit, providing a chance to honor the late Henry Aaron.

In a statement released this afternoon, Rob Manfred stated despite relocating from Atlanta, the league will still honor Hank Aaron this year. Where better to honor the legacy and life of Henry Aaron than by moving to the city wherein he started and finished his career?

Aaron hit 420 home runs while representing the city of Milwaukee, including the first and last home runs of his storied career. He appeared in two World Series, and won his only MVP award in 1957.

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett also weighed in. In a letter to Manfred he stated Milwaukee “would be honored to host the All Star Game”. Barrett pledged “the full support of [Barrett’s] office to make the festivities a success”.

In addition to being an ideal spot to honor Henry Aaron, an All-Star Game in Milwaukee would benefit the local economy. Milwaukee’s economy missed out on a large event when the 2020 DNC was relocated, and this would bring an event in.

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Original Caption (Original Caption) This is a close up of Henry “Hank” Aaron of the Milwaukee Brewers in uniform.

Economics aside, this would give Milwaukee a chance to say a final goodbye to one of its’ legends.

Past All Star Games have pumped money into local economies. The 2019 All Star Game in Cleveland brought in an estimated $65 million in additional economic activity to the city. Milwaukee would not see a boost of that scale this year, but it would still bring more money into the area.

The economic boost would be a welcome benefit to the area. But bringing the All Star Game to Milwaukee means more than just money. Hosting the All Star Game would provide Milwaukee the chance to honor Hank Aaron, a legend. The circumstances may not be ideal, but Milwaukee is the right choice. 

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