Can Aaron Rodgers win MVP in 2021?

Aaron Rodgers’ historic 2020 campaign is being slightly forgotten amidst the drama surrounding the superstar. Just to recap, basically, Aaron Rodgers has not reported to Green Bay and there are reports he is unhappy with the front office. Rodgers has not explicitly requested a trade but also hasn’t shot down rumors. However, in the past week or two, the situation has seemed more lightened. Rodgers sort of just laughed the situation off when it was mentioned during his golf match with Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, and Bryson DeChambeau.

Assuming Rodgers returns he would be following up his third MVP season. Rodgers hasn’t shown any sign of declining and Green Bay has added more weapons around him. This paired with the fact that there will be a massive chip on his shoulder could lead to another MVP campaign. Can he do it and what would it mean for his future?


Green Bay’s offense last season was explosive in all dimensions. It’s crazy to think that their offense could become even better. Going into free agency many feared Aaron Jones would get more money from another team. However, he decided to stay in Green Bay for less money. Not only did Green Bay return the pro bowl running back, but they will also be getting help at the wide receiver position. Green Bay gets Devin Funchess back after he opted out of the 2020 season. Additionally, they will be getting a freak athlete on the field in Amari Rodgers. The rookie out of Clemson has drawn comparisons to Randall Cobb with his versatility.

Having Jones back and adding Funchess and Rodgers is great, but the whole league knows who Green Bay’s biggest weapon is. Davante Adams is in the last year of his contract and is looking for an extension. Aaron Rodgers will have his number one target at his disposal yet again this season along with new pieces. Ultimately, he will have every tool he needed to win MVP last season, and now he’s getting added firepower.

Who’s His Competition

It’s clear that Rodgers has plenty of weapons in order to win MVP in 2021. However, sometimes no matter how great your season was, someone else’s was better. The MVP award has essentially become a quarterback award. Although Derrick Henry is great his chances of actually winning the ward are slim. Aaron’s biggest, and what seems like only, competition for the award is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is the future of the league and makes plays that leave fans in awe. Just like a young Aaron Rodgers once did, Mahomes is taking over the NFL. Mahomes coming of a super bowl loss will also have a chip on his shoulder. If both guys are on the top of their game, all signs point to a 17-week showdown between Rodgers and Mahomes for the MVP title.

What Would it Mean?

Rodgers winning MVP in 2021 would put him in second place all-time with four wins of the award all time. However, winning the award to have a bigger impact on his current situation than his legacy. Green Bay’s plans for Jordan Love clearly had a set timeline. This timeline took a hit when Aaron Rodgers won MVP in 2020. This situation might be the biggest reason for Rodgers’ problems with the organization. The Packers have made it clear that they aren’t trading Rodgers this season? Why would they? They’d be foolish to move on from a guy who was just named the best player in the NFL.

However, if Rodgers wins MVP again in 2021 they’d be put in the same situation again. More importantly, they’d have to consider giving him the extension he presumably wants. If Rodgers winning MVP in 2020 threw off Green Bay’s timeline for Jordan Love, him winning in 2021 should completely irradicate it. Aaron Rodgers winning MVP back-to-back years would prove that his 2020 campaign wasn’t any type of fluke and that he is not on the decline. Green Bay would be forced to keep the best player in football.

Rodgers has continuously expressed his love for playing in Green Bay. Hopefully, tensions between him and the team can be resolved. Rodgers has stated he would love to be a Packer his whole career. If tensions clear the two sides could agree to an extension.


Green Bay has a lot to figure out before the season starts. However, if Rodgers does come back his will have a chip on his shoulder and all the pieces to win MVP. Should he win the award it would go a long way for the front office to make decisions for their future.

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