Bucks Land Grayson Allen in Trade with Grizzlies

With the signing of George Hill, many believed that the Milwaukee Bucks were done building their roster.  However, today the team made a trade with the Memphis Grizzlies.  Milwaukee is receiving Grayson Allen in exchange for Sam Merrill and two future second-round picks.  ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news on Twitter.

How Grayson Allen Makes Milwaukee Better

The trade for Grayson Allen immediately makes the Bucks’ roster better.  Sam Merrill did not play much this season.  Additionally, the Bucks signed George Hill to be their backup point guard instead of letting Merrill fill that role in his second season.

Additionally, Allen is a career 38.1% three point shoot.  His ability to score off the bench will be a valuable asset to the Bucks.  However, it very well could be that Allen beats out Donte DiVincenzo for the starting shooting guard role.  In any case, the Bucks will have a player coming off the bench who can provide immediate energy and scoring.

Allen’s Dubious Past

Not many fans are very thrilled about the trade for Allen.  This is due to the fact that Allen killed the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2015 National Championship game.  More so, though, it is due to his reputation as a dirty player.  Just from his college days alone, there is a five minute video on YouTube of his dirtiest plays.

Even after being drafted, Allen’s dirty play did not stop.  During the Summer League games of his second season, he was ejected after back-to-back flagrant fouls in a game against Boston.

The Good He Has Done

While Grayson Allen is, no doubt, a troublesome, dirty player on the court, it is only fair to also highlight the kind of individual he is off the court.  He has never once had any legal trouble, for one thing.  Secondly, he once visited a dying Duke fan in the hospital during the his junior season in college.

Of course, one can be as good of a person off the court as any, but it is his reputation on the court that is troublesome.  The Bucks have famously had a “no a–holes” policy in their locker room.  It will be interesting to see how Allen fits in.x

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