Brewers: “Caintember” A Welcome Addition

What a September so far for the Milwaukee Brewers. Adrian Houser throws a complete game. Eric Lauer throws a seven-inning shutout and draws in a run on a walk. Christian Yelich is batting .340 over his last 26 games and hitting the ball hard. Really hard.

And along with Yelich, his 2018 January joining the Brewers partner, Lorenzo Cain is having an amazing September. Historically, and over the past three years, Craig Counsell has been spectacular in the month of September. He’s lead the team to three straight playoff appearances.

All signs are pointing to him bringing them to a fourth. It’s been nicknamed “Craigtember”, and this year doesn’t seem to be an exception. Even if the Brewers aren’t perfect, they are still playing solid for the last month of the season before playoffs start.

But this year is a little different, and multiple players are also having impressive months already. Could it also be “Caintember”? The numbers right now say absolutely.

Cain 2021 So Far

Lorenzo Cain never really got his chance to get going this year. On April 14th, he was placed on the 10-day injured list with left quadriceps discomfort. He returned on May 3rd. Then on June 1st, he was placed on the injured list with a right hamstring strain. He would be on that injured list until July 27th. That is almost three months of missing action. But when he’s in the line-up, he usually makes it count.

He’s currently sitting with 206 at-bats, a .252 batting average, seven home runs, 29 RBIs and a .730 OPS. Those numbers don’t explode off the screen, but his production is solid compared to his current competition. Jackie Bradley Jr. has had 354 at-bats, and has as many RBIs as Cain. He also only has six home runs and a very disappointing .169 batting average. Tyrone Taylor is playing solid this year, but unfortunately hurt currently and will be back right before the postseason. Over 212 at-bats, he has a .245 average, but has 10 home runs and 37 RBIs over that time.

Cain is still a clubhouse leader for Milwaukee and productive player. His defense is still elite, and if he keeps his September going and keeps improving like Yelich has been doing, the sky is the limit for this team.

Caintember Current Stats.

As of September 8th, Lorenzo Cain has a Caintember batting average of .429. He has been primarily in the 8th spot since returning, and been great in that spot before the pitcher.

On September 1st against the San Francisco Giants, Cain was two for three. He had a home run, three RBIs and a walk. Lorenzo also had two stolen bases. That’s a heck of a game. In the second inning, he singled to right and brought home Avisail Garcia and Omar Narvaez to give the Brewers an early 2-0 lead. He then walked in the seventh, which resulted in him scoring and giving Milwaukee the lead again. A solo shot in the 9th gave the Brewers another run, and the team ended with a 5-2 victory.

Cain was one for three on September 3rd against the St. Louis Cardinals. He had another walk, and also another RBI when he hit a fielder’s choice in the seventh inning. The Crew lost 15-4 that day, but Lorenzo still produced. The next day against the Cardinals, Cain was one for two, and produced another walk. His walk lead to a run in the second inning after a Tellez single and the help of a throwing error by Dylan Carlson.

Caintember Continued

The famous Vogelbach walk-off grand slam game on the 6th also included some good production once again from Cain. He was one for three, with another walk. He was part of the bases loaded 8th inning when Paul Goldschmidt robbed Yelich of a possible three-run hit.

Lorenzo’s series against the Philadelphia Phillies has been solid too. JBJ started the first game to try and stack lefties against Zach Wheeler. Spoiler Alert; it didn’t work. But on September 7th, Cain had another productive game. He was two for three with a double, and, you guessed it, another walk. The man with three kids singled in the third, and walked in the sixth which lead to him scoring after Eric Lauer was walked and Kolten Wong singled to right center field and brought in two runs.


Cain then hit his double in the eighth, which lead to him scoring a second run for the team after Eduardo Escobar hit to right as well.

We are almost a third of the way through September, and players like Cain contributing is great for a team that is 12 games out from clinching the NL Central. And if you are keeping track at home, he has walked in every game he has played so far this month. Sure, that does happen a lot when batting at eight right before the pitcher. But, those at-bats could have easily been strike outs or non-productive swings.

Seeing Cain play well is such a wonderful thing to see, and carrying that energy into October would be nothing but spectacular.

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