Brewers’ American Family Field Logo Unveiled

What’s upsetting is Milwaukee Brewers fans didn’t get the chance to attend one more game at Miller Park before the big name change.

We’re coming up on the final months of Miller Park being known as its infamous name before making the big change to American Family Field in January of 2021. It was announced back in January of 2019 the beloved Miller Park would get a little makeover. American Family bought out the naming rights for double of what they originally were. As a result of the deal, Miller Park gets the change to American Family Field.

Fans didn’t take it lightly as a lot of Brewers fans had grown up saying they went to watch games at Miller Park. Now, this brings us back to when County Stadium was going to get the name change to Miller Park. Many fans to this day still call it County Stadium, and it’ll be the same way when Miller Park changes to American Family Field.

The Logo in Question

The new logo presented by American Family Insurance was released on Thursday and it’s alright. I won’t be a big fan of calling it American Family Field because it’s a mouthful. I grew up going to Miller Park, so it’ll always be Miller Park to me. It just makes more sense; Milwaukee Brewers…Miller Park…Wisconsin…Beer….See what I’m getting at? 

The logo has the famous roofing design of Miller Park and the branded American Family font with blue and gold coloring to match the Brewers. There are conceptual details that went into making the logo; like how the “glove story” for the 50th anniversary and how the ball and glove connecting was like baseball and Milwaukee coming together.

But, what are your thoughts? Do you like the name change? Are you going to start referring to it as its new name? Or are you going to continue to call it Miller Park? I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about it!!

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