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Brewers 2020 Season Report Card: Craig Counsell

For many baseball teams, fans don’t like to give many kudos to their managers/owners. For the Milwaukee Brewers, their manager is quite literally praised for his amazing efforts as the Brewers’ manager. This weird 60-game season really put every manager to the test, and I strongly believe that Craig Counsell handled it very well.

Grade: B+

Counsell is the kind of manager that makes moves he knows are the right moves. Sure, we see a lineup and we don’t see Ryan Braun in for a game and we get angry. However, if Counsell believes that it’s the right thing to do, then that’s what he’ll do. 

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With all the new rules in the 2020 season, it made things a little bit more difficult on Counsell when it came to making the right decisions during the game. According to Sports Illustrated, Counsell made “at least one pitching change in 416 consecutive regular-season games”. But, as stated before, Counsell knows what he’s doing.

Following COVID protocols and deciding what’s best for the team was a challenge to all managers around the league. Craig Counsell didn’t seem to have a problem with that at all. Milwaukee has been known to exceed the expectations held by the league and their fans, and that’s all thanks to their managers.

Adapting to Changes

Our pitching has been given a lot of kudos this season and I believe that Counsell is a huge part of that. He knew how to use the pitchers and use them well. Of course, there were the bumps in the road; Some made fans question why a pitcher was still on the mound or why he was taking a pitcher out after he was doing amazing. However, Counsell was able to play around with the rotation the Brewers had.

The DH was implemented in the National League this season. A role that is perfect for Ryan Braun, and Counsell used a lot of Braun’s time as a DH. Of course, he also used players such as Yelich, Hiura, Garcia, and recently acquired Daniel Vogelbach at that position too. In some ways, having the DH was a benefit to the Brewers.

Craig Counsell talks about COVID-19 protocols and how that has changed baseball this year.

Looking Forward

Craig Counsell is going into his sixth year as the Brewers’ manager, making him the longest-tenured manager in the NL; Fourth longest overall. For the Brewers to reach the postseason three years in a row, under the same manager, is incredible. Counsell definitely has an art in managing, even when times are a little strange.

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